Apple works on AR headset

AR headset privacy: Apple works on the tamper-proof camera to indicate

In San Francisco, on June 25 (IANS) Apple works on tamper-resistant recording light for indicator system. It will allow people “Apple Glass” or VR headset users just to know if they are being filmed or no.

The company on Thursday file two patent applications detailing external recording indicators. That is already in use on devices such as MacBook Pro.

In fact, the patent applications Apple AR or Apple VR devices. The detail systems make tampering harder.

After all, the goal of technology here to let people know. If they are being recorded by an “Apple Glass”.

This system also includes various types of mechanisms and that makes surreptitious recording impossible.

As well as, the “Apple Glass” device sport an LED recording indicator that lights up. If the video recording is enabled. Just like a camera lights in MacBook. Of course, it is an easy way to signaling a camera that currently in use.

AR headset – Apple works on the tamper-proof camera to indicate AR headset privacy

Also, on a MacBook Pro, it user simply puts tape over the light just to block it. In fact, head-worn devices concerns when it comes to covert recording.

Of course, Apple has detailed to ensure the recording of indicator that lights can’t be tamper with or cover.

“External Recording Indicators” detail system that it could analyze the pattern of the encrypted visible light in recording indicator. If the pattern of light not detect then the recording will disable.

The actual recording indicators also position around camera lenses. And it will cover their difficulties.

The patent application and another titled “Recording indicators,” Apple also, imagines more method of ensuring recordings isn’t taking place.

In fact, patents talk about modular component can require for video recording.

And the system also requires a modular “key”. Just to the attach AR device before the recording enables.

Of course, its presence modular device signal to people surrounding an AR device user recordings take place.

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