Kokoon headphones help you sleep better by reducing stress

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Kokoon headphones are new wireless sets, are ideal for sleeping. They reduce stress and anxiety, becoming the finest devices on the market.

To the Apple Watch or the Bose headphones now we must add the Kokoon NightBuds. Wireless headphones that promise to improve the way we sleep.

Because in pursuit of the so-called sleep wellbeing, the people of Kokoon headphones

They have marketed headphones focused exclusively on improving the quality of our sleep. This is how the Kokoon Nightbuds are, already available on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Kokoon headphones also tell us about the adverse effects that the pandemic has had on us, especially with regard to the use of screens for teleworking and the increase in anxiety, largely due to the current instability in the world.

Wireless earphones for sleeping

Wireless earphones for sleeping - StepPhase

The Kokoon Nightbuds are the thinnest true wireless earbuds in the industry,  at 5.4 millimeters thick, which adds to your comfort truly. 

In fact, they are up to 40% thinner than other headphones, and their 5-point clamping system prevents them from coming off even when we move a lot. But that’s not enough to make us sleep better just by putting on headphones. What is your secret?

The Nightbirds are equipped with a sleep sensor that works also together with an app to analyze our sleep. These devices emit a series of natural relaxing sounds designed to make the mind “switch off and avoid the discomfort caused by annoying sounds, such as snoring or external sounds.”

The sound reproduction is completely intelligent, in such a way that the headphones will also detect that we are falling asleep

And will go from playing content to relaxing sounds. Its PPG sleep monitors (photoplethysmography sensors) are combined with accelerometers to offer real-time data of our sleep, which can be consulted in the application.

In fact, users themselves can also create their own sound environments. Thanks to AI-based advice, they will be able to create their own “Kokoon”, binaural 4D soundscapes based on these same natural sounds. 

Kokoon Headphones Price & Availablity

Kokoon Headphones Price - StepPhase

Kokoon has already enabled this product on the Kickstarter crowdfunding page at a price of $ 129. If the project is fully funded, the devices will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2021.

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