Switch Pro: we know the processor that Nintendo will use to display 4K

A leaker discovered which processor Nintendo opted for the Switch Pro for. According to the latter, it would be the T239, an improved version of the T234 with a reduced thermal envelope. Currently, the standard Switch is equipped with T210 and T214.

While the Switch is one of the best-selling Nintendo consoles of all time. It still falls far short of the PS5 and Xbox Series X when it comes to power. It is released 3 years before its rivals and, above all, is above all a portable console. For now, Sony and Microsoft are failing to match their competitor’s sales scores. But it’s only a matter of time before the console is obsolete.

Also, since the end of last year, many rumors predict the launch of a Switch Pro. More powerful than the standard model and which could arrive as early as this year. It is predicted in particular an OLED screen and 4K compatibility when placed on its famous dock. To do this, Nintendo must choose its processor carefully, so that it can fulfill all these promises. Until now, the vagueness was complete around this chip. But the kopite7kimi leaker could well have found the answer to this question.

Nintendo Switch Pro


The leaker shared a “preliminary” photo of the SoC T234. Claiming that the Switch would be equipped with the T239, a “personalized” version. It is therefore an improved design compared to the Tegra X1 chip currently present in the standard model in the console. Also called T210 and T214. The T234 will be accompanied by DLSS technology from Nvidia. Which will allow it to display better quality renderings – 4K, therefore.

The sinews of war are in the thermal envelope (TDP) of the processor. The T234 has a TDP of 65 to 75W, while the Tegra X1 + is around 15W. In fact, Japanese firms will have to rework the design of the SoC just to achieve these scores. That can be the case with the T239. In addition, it should have presented the console on June 3 before E3, according to some rumors. That was not the case. Nintendo will be holding a conference at the event. But likely plans to show only future games for the current Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch release date, Better CPU and Screen

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