After ten years of development, the Rare studio will completely reboot its game “Everwild”

Everwild: developers are starting from scratch
Everwild: developers are starting from scratch - Geeko

VIDEO GAMES Gregg Mayles took over project management after game’s creative director left

Nothing is going well with Rare. The British development studio, which has now been working on Everwild for nearly ten years, has decided to completely reboot the project – which would explain the game’s absence from the Microsoft keynote at E3. The release of Everwild would be postponed until 2024 at the earliest.

In question? The departure of Simon Woodroffe, the creative director of the game, would have led to a complete overhaul of the project. If Everwild was rather well-advanced technology, the game mechanics were a priori not developed. “According to people familiar with its development, the small team at Everwild struggled to set a clear direction for the title, beyond its striking art style and soundtrack. Last year the game was a third-person adventure with god game elements we were told, but it’s unclear to what extent this will still be the case when Everwildwill reappear, ”reports the VGC site. The lack of in-game fights would have been a point of discussion within the squad.

An announced fiasco?

With Gregg Mayles in charge, the project could take a different direction. The man has worked at Rare since the start of the company. The studio also indicates that it wants to be inspired by Sea of ​​Thieves. The success of the game has allowed the team to learn a tremendous amount about what works and what doesn’t in a multiplayer title. Still, for the British studio, Everwild looks more and more like a new fiasco. Since its acquisition by Microsoft, Rare has multiplied the hiccups – from Perfect Dark Zero to the chaotic launch of Sea of ​​Thieves.

The British studio also seems to have great difficulties integrating into the Xbox Games Studios and above all, bringing its DNA to life. Its historic licenses have now passed into the hands of other studios:  Battletoads was developed by an external studio and the Perfect Dark reboot was entrusted to a newly formed studio within the Xbox division.

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