Covid 19 vaccine: how to download your vaccination certificate

Covid 19 vaccine: how to download your vaccination certificate

Covid 19 vaccine: how to download your vaccination certificate: The Health Insurance has put online service to easily retrieve a copy of your vaccination certificate. You can then add it directly to your vaccination record in the TousAntiCovid mobile application.

The platform for retrieving your vaccination certificate is online. “Since May 27, 2021, all beneficiaries of a French health insurance plan can obtain their certified vaccination certificate. Independently and securely,” says Health Insurance on its site.

This certificate, in principle given in a paper format to all people, vaccinated on May 3. Serves as a medical certificate proving your vaccination. If you have lost it, or if you were vaccinated before May 3. You can retrieve it on the site created for the occasion by Health Insurance. As part of the health pass, it will be essential, for example, to get to certain places or to travel.

Accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the dedicated service requires a connection using FranceConnect. The service allowing French people to identify themselves using the connection identifiers they already use on other online public services. You can then retrieve a PDF copy of your certificate which you can then store on your various devices. This certificate also contains a QR Code that you can scan using the TousAntiCovid tracking application. In order to find it in electronic form in your vaccination record. Here’s how to get it.

Connect to the dedicated platform – Covid 19 vaccine: how to download your vaccination certificate

Launch your web browser and go to the platform and click on the France Connect button.

To connect, the service offers to go through the FranceConnect tool. Which allows you to use the connection identifiers that you already have for other online public services. Such as the or imports website.

Click on the service you want to use just to connect to the platform. And that will allow you to retrieve your vaccination certificate. Enter your username and password and confirm the connection.

Once connected, check that the name displayed is yours (you never know). And click on the Continue button on Vaccine Certificate – Health Insurance.

Download your certificate

Now click on My vaccination certificate to download your document in PDF format. You can now securely store this file on your computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Or even send them to yourself by email for easy retrieval and presentation to the appropriate authorities when needed.

Note that you will have a vaccination certificate for each dose of vaccine injected. You will have to start the operation again if you want to download the second certificate after your second dose of vaccines.

Import your vaccination certificate into TousAntiCovid

If you use the TousAntiCovid application on Android or iOS. You can import your vaccination certificate into your virtual vaccination record to have it always at hand.

To do this, open TousAntiCovid on your smartphone, scroll through the options. Then in the Certificates & Logbook section, tap My logbook, then click Add vaccination certificate.

Your smartphone’s camera is triggered. Scan the QR Code displayed on the right of the PDF certificate that you previously downloaded.

Your certificate is now recorded in the electronic vaccination record integrated into TousAntiCovid. You will then not need to keep the paper document with you at all times. In the event of a check, you just need to present it in this form, directly from TousAntiCovid. To prove that you have been vaccinated.

Easy way to download your vaccination certificate, Covid 19 vaccine – Covid 19 vaccine: how to download your vaccination certificate

How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate from CoWin?

1st step: Visit the official website of Covid 19 vaccine CoWin i.e.

2nd step: Click on the Sign In/Register button

3rd step: Then you have to Sign in using your registered mobile number and enter the OTP or one-time password received on that number.

4th step: Once when you log in, then there will be a Certificate tab under your name.

5th step: Then you have to click on the download button. Just to get the soft copy of your vaccination certificate.

How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate from the Aarogya Setu app?

1st step 1: Open the app Aarogya Setu app on your Smartphones.

2nd step: Then Sign In using your mobile number and then click on CoWin tab at top of the page.

3rd step: Then you have to Enter your 13-digit beneficiary reference ID after the click on the Vaccination Certificate option

4th step: Then click on download button to get your vaccination certificate

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