How to Screen Record Facetime with Sound on iPhone

How to screen record facetime with sound on iphone

How to Screen Record on Facetime: Hi, today I’m going to show you how to screen record on iPhone on Facetime. As well as, it will help if you want to record an interview or your online work or anything else that is important for you. In fact, FaceTime has this amazing service to make voice and video calls to Mac and iOS users. Of course, it is the latest updated version in iOS. Here is the method on how to screen record FaceTime with sound on iPhone.

Can you really record a FaceTime call on iPhone?

Yes, you can record a FaceTime call on your iPhone. that’s possible because of the in-built screen recorder. After all, you can take Live Photos in FaceTime on iPhone, which works for iOS 12 and above.

Keep this in mind: You can record your FaceTime call with sound up to the iOS version 13.3. In fact, further versions have recently applied restrictions to record the audio sound for the FaceTime call. After all, iOS 13.3 and above can use in a different way.

Is this possible to Screen Record FaceTime With Audio On iPhone?

Of course, you can record FaceTime with sound on your iPhone. Unlike, there are Android devices that require third-party apps for recording screens with sound, but you don’t need such apps for the iPhone. In fact, there is a screen recorder on the iPhone which is enough to capture its screen in the FaceTime call.

1st Step: Tap on Settings on your iPhone.

Screen Record Facetime with sound on iPhone

2nd Step: Tap on Control Centre.

3rd Step: Make sure that the toggle switch for access within apps is on and then you have to Tap on Customize Controls.

Screen Record Facetime with sound on iPhone

4th Step: Then it’ll show you a list of apps that appears in the Control Centre. Then click on the + sign to add the Screen Recording option. After all, this will appear Screen Recorder option in Control Centre.

5th Step: Tap on FaceTime and make a Facetime call.

6th Step: Once the call accepts then you need to drag a Control Centre. Then you have to Tap on the Screen Recorder option and it will start recording your iPhone screen. But keep this in mind that this will only just record the screen of your iPhone with no sound.

Facetime on iPhone

Screen Record Facetime with sound

Now if you want to record a FaceTime calls with audio, then you have to follow this step. After all, you have to long-press on the Screen Recorder option and it will show you the microphone option that says Microphone Off.

Screen Recording on Facetime

7th Step: In fact, you have to Tap on the Microphone sign and to Turn Microphone On.


8th Step: Then, click on the Start Recording option and you will see the countdown of your recording and you can continue to your Facetime call.

As well as, just keep in mind that everything on the iPhone screen is recorded with audio. Of course, close notifications to avoid interruption on record FaceTime with sound on iPhone.

9th Step: When you will be done with your Facetime call. You need to close the recording by tapping on the red bar that appears on top of the screen. After all, you will get the confirmation dialogue box, so you have to tap on the Stop from the options.


When you will change the microphone settings, you will get the option to change the default saving location of FaceTime with an audio call. Also, it can be changed to Messenger or Skype. In fact, This will broadcast video via choose one.

When you will play the media file on the iPhone. You just have to go to the location of the screen recording saved. In fact, how to screen record FaceTime with sound on the iPhone without any help from other apps.

After all, If it’s not working for you because of some bugs then it is a simple way to turn on video recording to another Smartphone you have or Camera to record the ongoing FaceTime call on your iPhone. As well as, this step will definitely work and do not have restrictions for the iOS versions.

Wrapping up:

Of course, this is the only way I know how you record FaceTime with sound on iPhone. Also, you can share it with your family or friends to record your FaceTime calls with audio.

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