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Amazon has announced its own technology that will make it possible to pay with the palm of our hand. A very useful biometric recognition system that will soon see the light of day.

Amazon has presented a revolutionary biometric security system: Amazon One. It has the main characteristic of allowing the user to pay with the palm of their hand. Yes, turn our palm into a credit card.

Amazon One will recognize the surface of the palm of our hand. It will be using a combination of sensors to detail the lines and edges of our palm. As well as the patterns of our veins to create a ‘signature’ of it. This will used at first in Amazon’s own stores, Amazon Go.

Although it sounds like science fiction, this is not something new, far from it. The technology that promises to recognize the palm of the hand is getting closer and closer.

And some companies in addition to Amazon are already experimenting with it.

Amazon One: pay with your hand

A question that arises with this idea is very logical: why choose this system so little adopted, to the harm of other much more established alternatives such as facial recognition or fingerprint?

Amazon has made sure that this palm recognition has been chosen thanks to some advantages it presents with respect to privacy. This is how Dilip Kumar, vice president of Amazon’s physical retail business, explains :

“One reason was that palm recognition is considered more private than some biometric alternatives because a person’s identity cannot be determined by looking at images of their palms. Someone is also required to make an intentional palm-placing gesture. hand on the recognition device to use it, “ which makes recognition voluntary.

The device that Amazon will use includes proprietary computer recognition algorithms to capture and encrypt the image of a palm. You won’t even need an Amazon account to use the service, just a phone number and a credit card. Furthermore, users of the service can delete their biometric data at any time.

The idea behind the service is that we enter a store and instead of taking out our wallet or having to put our fingers on a scanner,

How does amazon one work? - StepPhase

We simply raise our hand voluntarily, make easier the process and making it more secure.

Although the proposal promises to extend beyond Amazon Go stores, the success of this technology and its implementation in other consumer sectors remains to be seen.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen it

Mobile payments that use our biometric data are very much popular, and it is logical that the next steps in that direction seek to make easier the process and change our physical cards to use our biometric data. And it is that as we have seen on some occasions, it generates concerns in terms of privacy.

For example, the company Alibaba already has some suggestions that seek to use part of our gestures to make payments, thus avoiding recognition. Without going any further, they tried to make a payment system in China through smiles.

This example follows the same precepts as those of Amazon One. The gesture of smiling is purely working, and it is the user who has to do it to trigger the payment. Also, a smile is considerably more difficult to track than a full face.

Other choices have even explored the inclusion of chips under the skin, that is, applied under the skin. In Sweden, without going any further, some 4,000 people have a chip implanted under the skin of their hand, usually an NFC chip to be able to pay with it without having to resort to external devices.

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