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Android 12: release date, News, Compatible smartphones

Android 12 is already available in a public beta. The update in the final and stable version will be deployed on all compatible smartphones during the year 2021. Here is everything we know about the next update of Android and the new features developed by Google.

Android 12 is the next major update to Google’s mobile operating system. As since Android 10, no dessert or candy-based code name here. We are satisfied with a number to identify this new version of our favorite OS. An OS that will have the right to a redesign of the interface and the integration of several features.

Android 12 will make you more aware of the length of calls

A new and very useful change has just been discovered in the Android 12 beta: the duration of calls is now displayed in the status bar when you are no longer in the Phone app. This display is also a button that allows you to return more quickly to the Phone application.

Android 12 will change many interface elements , including a new dynamic presentation of call display duration . Currently, when you are in a telephone conversation, the duration of the call is mainly available in the application.

If you are in another app while making a call. You can still view this duration by sliding the notifications panel down or back into the Phone app. It’s pretty fast, but as you’ll see, the next version of Android. Rethinks the way you juggle the Phone app with other smartphone apps.

Android 12, a phone-shaped icon appears in the status bar as soon as you are on another application during a call. This permanently visible icon is accompanied by the duration of the call in progress.

This icon is also a button : if you tap it, Android 12 will immediately return you to the Phone app. This interface point is in many ways reminiscent of iOS , the iPhone operating system.

Some applications – not just the Phone application – can display this kind of button at the top of the screen. At the same time, to signal that something (a call, GPS navigation, audio recording, etc.) is in progress while offering a shortcut to quickly return to the application.

We imagine that Android 12 will allow all applications for making calls such as WhatsApp. Facebook or Google Duo to display this type of button in the status bar.

When is Android 12 released?

Google has been offering the very first public beta of Android 12. On smartphones from 11 manufacturers since Google I / O 2021. Several betas builds will follow one another until the official launch of Android 12. Scheduled for late August or early December 2021. Google notes in passing that “never has an Android beta been so popular”.

Which Smartphones are compatible with Android 12?

Of course, the official release of Android 12, will be able to benefit from the stable update. Notably, certain Google Pixel models (the Google Pixel 3/Google Pixel 3 XL, Google Pixel 3a / Google Pixel 3a XL, Google Pixel 4/Google Pixel 4 XL, Google Pixel 4a / Google Pixel 4a 5G, and theGoogle Pixel 5) are scheduled for an upgrade. Google has also announced the availability of Android 12 on smartphones from 11 manufacturers: Asus, Google Pixels, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Tecno, TCL, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE. The update will also be offered via OneUI on a large number of Samsung smartphones and tablets. Here you can see a complete list of smartphones that will eventually receive the Android 12 update.

How to install Android 12?

Android updates have changed a lot since the beginning. These are now downloaded in the background on the smartphone and partly installed on the device while the user can continue to use their device. Updates are becoming more and more painless.

Android 12 fully version will be available in OTA (Over The Air), it will be automatically offered to the user when his device is ready to receive it. For the beta, it’s different and the procedure varies depending on the manufacturer of your compatible smartphone. You want to sign up for an insider program that you will be able to download the beta. If you are using a Pixel, you can already install the beta by going to Android Flash Tool. You are also offered to download the official Android 12 wallpapers.

What is new in Android 12?

Now mature, Android doesn’t get as many new features every year as it once did. But Android 12 still brings its share of improvements, some unprecedented, others inspired by what we already find on some overlay manufacturers, or the mobile OS of iPhone, iOS.

Google is launching a new design language called Material You. Note that Chrome also benefits from these changes, and it is already possible to test them on your smartphone.

In particular, Android 12 offers a redesign of the lock screen and the notification bar. On the lock screen, the time is displayed in a larger size and we see that the time is this time located above the minutes. The date and weather information moves to the top left of the screen, where it was previously in the center. On the Pixels, Google would also offer exclusive lock screens. Finally, the launch of the public beta revealed the new design of 389 emojis.

Android 12 theme

Google has come up with a whole new theme system that is inspired by the chosen wallpaper. This system is Monet. This theme system will apply the main wallpaper colors to several elements of the Android interface, including the quick settings panel or the status bar.

Android 12 user privacy

Google has reworked the Android interface. The update to Android 12 thus marks the arrival of a simplified notification panel and new indicators aimed at protecting the confidentiality and privacy of Android users. Android 12 also offers a panel to disable the microphone.

The inspiration clearly comes from iOS 14, which already warns its users when apps try to access their personal data. This will be the case in particular for the clipboard, readable by the applications displayed on the screen. It will also be possible to decide to deliver only an approximate location to the latter.

Applications using Bluetooth are also entitled to a brand new authorization request window. Until now, the latter requested permission to collect user location data, which could understandably be confusing. Now apps will ask for permission to scan the surroundings for Bluetooth devices.

Finally, and this is undoubtedly the most important information: Google will let you deactivate the advertising tracking of applications via a system setting, like on iPhone.

Android 12 Video Game Mode

Google has also developed a smart video game mode for Android 12. Concretely, this gaming mode will automatically activate certain parameters of your smartphone (brightness, 120 Hz screen, do not disturb mode) as soon as you start playing. Android will save your preferences and apply them to all your gaming sessions.

One-Handed Mode

Google would work on a “one-hand” mode for Android 12. This model consists of bringing the navigation elements within reach of your fingers in a single corner of the screen. Ultimately, the surface with which to interact is reduced by 40%. This accessibility feature is largely inspired by the one-handed mode already built into iOS.

Installing apps through third-party stores at the Play Store

Google has decided to open a door by making it easier to install apps through alternative stores to the Play Store on Android 12.

Hibernation of Applications

Android 12 requires less storage space and consumes fewer background resources, implying a performance boost for the smartphone.

It is possible to carry out the operation yourself. To do this, go to the new section “ Unused applications ” on the Information page of the Settings application. You must then activate the option Remove authorizations and free up storage space. The application cache will then be cleared and all assigned permissions will be revoked.

Scrolling Screenshots

With Android 12, we could have a function to take a screenshot of an entire web page or an application, even if part of it is only available by scrolling. The interfaces of Samsung, OnePlus, or Huawei smartphones are already capable of this, this integration into Android Stock could make it possible to take advantage of it on models from other brands.

Android 12 Media Player

It was on Reddit that an engineer from the Android team explained that Google was looking to unify the multimedia experience on Android, which can be a bit messy because of the multiple possibilities available to play content. This can become confusing for the user since each reader has different features and a different interface. A single media playback solution based on ExoPlayer is under development, with the objective of grouping all the important options in one place while maintaining great ease of use. However, it is not announced that this ultimate player will be available from Android 12.

Did you find that universal research is a bit tricky with alternative launchers? Android 12 should put an end to the situation thanks to a new API that will standardize the search field for launchers to give it new features. Such as being able to simultaneously search for results on the smartphone, in the Google Play Store, and on the web to enhance its usefulness.

Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy Exclusive

It is common for Google to reserve certain new features for its Pixel smartphones only. If they are successful and the hardware of most Android smartphones allows them to access them, then it is possible that these features will eventually land on other brands of mobiles.

With Android 12, an option reserved for Pixel smartphones could be the double pat on the back. This is actually a new Motion Sense gesture that was expected from Android 11 but has not been made available so far. Google felt that the feature was too often activated by accident since it was enough to tap the back of the smartphone twice in a row to trigger it.

The Mountain View firm has revised its copy for this year, and if the same gesture of double-tapping on the back was retained, the sensitivity has been reduced to reduce the risk of accidental activation. But the user will have the choice to configure it to perform the action of their choice: take a screenshot, open notifications or the camera, access the task manager, start or stop media playback. . Instead, Google has added a new way to activate the Assistant: it will be possible to hold and release the On / Off button before speaking your voice commands.

Android 12 can use as a car key

Android 12 can replace the keys of some cars as long as it is on Pixel or Samsung Galaxy. The brand explains collaborating in this direction with car manufacturers. The names of Ford and BMW were cited. In some models, the system works via the Ultra WideBand (UWB) for more precision and flexibility: it is not necessary to take the smartphone out of the pocket. For other models, the technology will be based on the NFC transmitter.

Android 12 can forward calls between 2 sim cards

Called “Smart Forwarding”, this feature allows dual-SIM compatible smartphones to transfer a call from one card to another. To do this, you must first go to the phone settings to activate it, then configure it to decide on which SIM card the user wishes to receive the call. A very practical novelty for those who often travel in areas where the network can be capricious. When each SIM is registered with a different operator, it suffices to select the one with the best signal to improve the quality of the call.

Share Menu is not Customizable

It is less a novelty than a regression. Google has decided to block third-party applications that allow you to select the options you want to appear in the Share menu. Developers can in fact decide for themselves the layout of this window, which is therefore different for each application.

You will go wifi to data easily

Android 12 launches a new tile that makes it easier to change networks without going through menus. Now, when you click on the Internet icon in the quick menu, you will see all the networks you can connect to be displayed, whether they are Wi-Fi or mobile.

Android 12 make you aware of call duration

Android 12 displays a new icon in the status bar when you place a call and juggle apps. This icon is in fact a button accompanied by the duration of the current call. Touch it and you’ll be instantly back to the Phone app.

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