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Apple and Google are running out of party (at least in Korea)

Who does not cry does not breast. Google and especially Apple were so calm with their (revolutionary?) 30% taxes on their app stores. “We let you sell your game or application. But you will have to give us 30% of everything you get with it here,” said those from Mountain View and Cupertino. The developers swallowed. They couldn’t do anything else if they wanted to make a living on the Android and iOS mobiles of the world.

But lo and behold, the complaints, criticisms and demands began to arrive. The developers began to cry – tell Spotify. And the ones who did it the most were the guys from Epic Games. Who have taken Apple to court and have caused a potential turn of events that is already having an impact even beyond of the sentence issued in said trial. In fact, in South Korea they have not even cried: they have stood firm and have said that they want to suck by law.

In that country they have not wanted to wait for what a US ruling may or may not say. And after some back and forth this week they have approved the so-called ‘Telecommunications Business Act’. A new regulation that already has a popular and much more clarifying name. It is the “anti-Google law”.

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The objective of this law is to put an end to the practice of Google and Apple of imposing their means of payment. And their commissions to be able to access their application stores. The idea is simple: if a developer wants to distribute their game or application on Google Play or the App Store. They can do so without going through the gateways of these companies. They will be able to use other means of payment that allow them to increase their benefits. Something that of course is a pitcher of cold water – frozen – especially in the case of Apple. Google had already made moves to loosen its fee a bit .

The company has already indicated that “we are going to reflect on how to comply with this law”. But it is clear that South Korea’s decision is a turning point for a world. That of mobile app and game developers, which until now they had swallowed. ( apple and google news )

What happened this week

Some seeds have arrived at my house and I don’t know why. This is the curious case of the shipments that arrive from China and that, when opened, turn out to be seeds. Why do these packages reach people without eating or drinking it (or planting it)? Because of the blow-dry.

Some seeds have arrived at my house and I don’t know why. This is the curious case of the shipments that arrive from China and that, when opened, turn out to be seeds. Why do these packages reach people without eating or drinking it (or planting it)? Because of the blow-dry.

Put a rotary detonation engine in your life. Space travel has a problem: it consumes a lot of fuel. To try to solve this issue. In Japan they have devised a rotary detonation engine that consumes less than a lighter.

“Kid, you can only play Fortnite on Fridays from 9 to 10”. That phrase, which you have probably pronounced as parents (or have heard from yours) has now been said by China. Which has brutally tightened the requirements to be able to play online games. Which for them are something like the new opium of the people.

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Magic in pixelated photos. At Google they have developed a new method that almost seems magical and that allows you to transform super pixelated. Or very small images into others with spectacular definition. Photo and video upscaling seems to have a bright future. Because the result is so good it seems almost magical .

The Internet is down and the Sun is to blame. It hasn’t happened but it could. Or so new research reveals, warning us how terrible solar storms are for our internet connections. And especially dangerous for undersea cables that transmit data at full throttle.

An iPhone to call by satellite. The new iPhone 13 will soon arrive, and if we pay attention to the rumors they will do so with a curious option: the possibility of making satellite calls for when there is no coverage.

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What is this metaverse thing? The buzzword is on the lips of Facebook, Nvidia or Microsoft. Each of these companies is talking a lot about creating their own metaverse. But what is it and what can be done in the metaverse? Zuckerberg is in awe of him , of course.

Nintendo and the history of the ABXY buttons. For us, seeing a console controller with the ABXY buttons is normal. But the truth is that this configuration has a somewhat diffuse origin in which Nintendo, yes, had a lot to say. Sony, by the way, ignored them and preferred to use a different icon scheme for its buttons. And that actually became the hallmark of the PlayStation.

Windows 11 will also come to older computers, but with a catch. The installation requirements for Windows 11 have prompted several clarifications from Microsoft. Which has now announced that it will let you install it on older PCs. The problem is that you will not be able to access security updates.

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That is the year in which the Russians affirm that the ISS will definitively expire: the poor thing is older. Russian cosmonauts have detected new cracks in the International Space Station. And believe that the space station has two newscasts left.

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Quo Vadis, The English Court. The giant of physical commerce tries to adapt to the new times. And there are those who talk about how this vast empire languishes but seems to survive everything thanks to its nine lives [El País].

That artificial ribeye can be very expensive for some. We are constantly talking about the convenience of reducing meat consumption. Then there is to see what happens with the ranchers [Vox, in English].

Feel-Good Movies. Why watch dramas when you can finish a movie and feel better? According to psychologists. This is what these 15 films achieve [Trendencias].

The Zoom Syndrome. 18 months of video calling (and constantly seeing ourselves on screen) is taking its toll. It has distorted our self-image and increased complexes. It has even been seen how the number of cosmetic surgeries has increased [Wired, in English].

In China they want to stop working as Chinese (a little). The famous day “996” (working from 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week) could have its days numbered. And movements are taking place that force its technological companies, referents of overwork, to abandon it [Magnet].

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History of a very special joystick. When Nintendo released its Nintendo 64, it did so with a very special controller that debuted a joystick. One of the reasons was the transition to 3D games, where the crosshead did not perform as well. Since it was designed for 2D environments. Its octagonal base changed part of history [The Verge, in English].

Apple Watch Diabetes Edition . In Cupertino they seem to be working hard to bring us watches that take even more care of our health. In 2022, the Apple Watch could arrive with a blood pressure, sleep apnea and even blood glucose sensor [Applesfera].

Why are hyperlinks blue?. Well, not always, of course, but it’s certainly the reference color for most of the websites they link to (and for this newsletter). The reason they are blue is no more and no less than convention [Mozilla, in English].

Soccer is torn between Twitch and TV . The broadcast of Messi’s debut match with PSG on Twitch with Ibai Llanos as the protagonist showed that things could be changing for the future of sports broadcasting. TV apparently still rules, but Twitch poses fierce competition [Genbeta].

How horny someone makes us without Instagram . You meet someone, chemistry strikes, and when you get home you search for more information about that person on Google and social media. What if you don’t find anything about that person there? Which suddenly becomes (mysterious and) irresistible [Mic, in English].


María González, director of Xataka, tells us about a most striking purchase: a table to work standing up or ‘standing Desk’. Specifically, the IKEA Bekant model . In her house they are delighted: “It is quite easy to assemble and more robust than it may seem in the images. It goes up and down smoothly and easily, it is large and has very good finishes. And if you are not convinced by the board, you can always buy just the legs and put whatever you want on it (although that will require you to make holes in the board and measure everything very well)”.

“The only drawback I would give it is that it does not have a “memory” in terms of positions (other models from other brands do), but otherwise I think it is a great purchase if you want to alternate between sitting and standing. or if you even want to go further and want to be walking on a treadmill while you work or are at the computer”.

what to see

John Tones recommends that we go to the movies and see ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’. “Almost without giving us time to breathe between premieres (‘Black Widow’ hit theaters just a couple of months ago, but in between, we’ve also enjoyed a couple of great animated Marvel series on Disney+), a new hero arrives to the MCU.”

“In this way, Disney kicks off, this time definitively, a cinematographic Marvel that is looking for new faces and arguments. To do this, he moves to China with a story that leaves aside the typical technology of the Avengers movies and introduces a new hero: Shang-Chi, descendant of a thousand-year-old villain and an expert in martial arts. He adventure, magic and a lot of kung fu for a fast-paced movie and with the mix of humor and emotion that is the house mark”.

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