Apple electric car is developing, which should appear in 2024

Apple electric car

Apple electric car: The Cupertino-based company seems to have very ambitious plans. In fact, By 2024, the technology giant intends to produce not only mobile gadgets but also cars. As well as, The company intends to start mass production of vehicles in three years. Also, This information is share by employees of the information portal Reuters.

Apple electric car
Apple car

After all, Apple electric car:According to journalists, the company has been working on creating its own car since 2014. As well as, We can’t say that the development went smoothly, and at some point. After all, Apple even wanted to abandon this idea and instead create its own software for autopilot. Also, But everything changed in 2018 when Doug Field started working for the company.

After all, Doug was involved in the development of Tesla cars, and now under his leadership is a huge staff at Apple. Also, the rumors that the new car will be equipped with very efficient batteries, which will increase the power reserve many times over.

Media Source : Apple Car Concept (Final)

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