Apple offers paid podcasts. Not only for listeners but also for the creator

Apple Podcasts

Apple offers paid podcasts has introduced a new subscription-based podcast service to compete with Spotify and the Patreon network. With it, users will gain preferential access to podcast episodes without commercials, as well as bonus material that “ordinary” listeners cannot reach. In exchange, they will be able to pay their favorite creators. They will have a choice of several options, which are determine by the publisher.

Apple offers paid podcasts. Not only listeners but also creators will pay

Apple offers paid podcasts: The subscription is scheduled to launch next month as the availability of the Podcasts app ( free for iOS ). Expands to 170 regions and countries. The prices for each subscription are set by the creators themselves, as well as what the listeners receive for them. By default, fees will be charge monthly. But the creator can also make various discounts for annual payments. There will also be free “trial” versions with sample episodes, or family sharing, where up to 6 family members can listen for one price.

But Apple offers paid podcasts may be cheating by offering Podcasts separately from Apple Music. Spotify has the upper hand in this because it will offer all the content in one title, even on the Android platform, where Apple will not (yet) reach with its podcasts (but they are also available on macOS). But if you’re a podcast creator, you have to reckon that Apple also charges for its services. Specifically, it is CZK 549 per year + 30% of each subscription. The company also launched the new Apple offers paid Podcasts for Creator’s website. Here, creators can manage their programs and obtain various performance metrics.

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