Chrome: Google’s browser gets a lot faster with a new update


FASTER Google has developed a new JavaScript compiler for Chrome that boosts the performance of its browser

Good news for users of Chrome and Internet browsers based on Chromium – an open-source project developed by Google and used by many web browsers ( Opera, Edge, etc.) – as they are getting ready to be faster. . The Web giant has just deployed a new JavaScript compiler, called Sparkplug, within Chrome 91 which should speed up page loading.

Thanks to its new compiler, Chrome 91 offers 23% faster performance. Since most web pages rely on a web browser running JavaScript, the default web development language, these pages will load faster.

“Running JavaScript fast is a big part of browser speed,” Chrome Product Manager Thomas Nattestad explains on the Chromium blog. “In Chrome, this task is taken care of by the V8 engine, which runs over 78 years of JavaScript code every day. In M91, Chrome is now up to 23% faster thanks to the launch of a new Sparkplug compiler and built-in short calls, saving our users over 17 years of CPU time every day. “

All browsers will be able to benefit from it

To achieve a 23% increase in Chromium speed, the developers of Sparkplug have been cunning. Without going into technical details, the engine cheats. “The functions it compiles have already been compiled to bytecode, and the bytecode compiler has already done most of the hard work… Sparkplug compiles from bytecode rather than from JavaScript source, and therefore does not to worry about it all, ”said the V8 team.

Besides this aspect, Chrome 91 also introduces a new design for radio buttons or form calendars. Recently deployed, Chrome 91 should soon be integrated by various web browsers. Users should therefore soon take advantage of it.

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