ELON MUSK: the bird is freed, Sir owned TWITTER

the bird is freed

When Elon Musk bought 9% of Twitter in April , it was already clear that he was not going to settle for that. He soon offered to buy all of Twitter for $43 billion.

Elon Musk already owns Twitter. And then layoffs . Musk has announce the end of the acquisition process in his own style on Twitter. “The bird has been released.” Media such as CNBC. According to The Verge he has fired his top managers: both the CEO, Parag Agrawal, and Ned Segal (CFO), Vijaya Gadde (head of company policies), Sean Edgett (general counselor) or Sarah Personette (head of customers) have left the company.

And compensations: Agrawal leaves with 38.7 million dollars, Segal leaves with 25.4, Gadde with 12.5 and Personette, with 11.2 million of dollars.

The Big Tech soap opera of 2022. He then tried to back out : there were too many bots , he said, but there were more problems . The mess was colossal , and there was a long exchange of accusations, bickering and bickering .

Things got even more complicated as Twitter plunged financially. And exposed serious security problems that had previously been hidden.

elon musk

Elon Musk already owns Twitter. Prepare for the curves

… but in the end yes, really . The thing seemed unsolvable, but Musk gave another twist to the omelette. He put his initial offer back on the table and began talking about future changes, such as a superapp called “X” that would emulate WeChat in China. And yesterday Elon Musk gave one of the bells of him showing up at the Twitter headquarters with a sink in his hands.

Many layoffs and resignations in sight. That number was incorrect. Everything indicates that of course there will be layoffs, but also resignations, according to leaked conversations between Musk and the entrepreneur Jason Calacanis.

Twitter is undergoing radical changes since Elon Musk bought it . The most important today is the one that affects his squad. Initial rumors indicated that Musk would lay off 75% of the employees, but he himself indicated that this number was not accurate. Now we know that the figure will be closer to 50% , and the layoff process has already started in a terrible way.

Layoffs by email . As explained in The Washington Post , yesterday the directors of Twitter (signed simply as “Twitter”, not by Elon Musk) sent an internal email to all company employees. It indicated that the dismissals will be communicated by mail with messages. That will arrive as a limit today Friday at 5 PM, Pacific time (1:00 in the morning in Madrid).

elon musk owned

Musk is going to fire a good part of Twitter. The chosen ones will find out when they open their mail – ELON MUSK

You will receive a notification via your Twitter inbox.
If your employment has been impacted. You will receive a notification with the next steps through your personal email”

Chaos . The measure is causing a terrible and very unpleasant situation among the company’s employees, who in the next few hours will know by mail if they are still in the company or not. This is causing other consequences, and many of them are trying to separate their Twitter accounts from their email accounts in the company.

The company required them to do so and to use physical two-factor authentication (2FA) devices. But if they are fired they will lose their access to their Twitter account. One of those employees stated that there is “pure chaos” right now. Others, yes, they seem happy to have been fired.

Weird, I can’t log in to Twitter . In the last hours some employees already know that they have been fired even without having received the mail. How do they know? Precisely because of the above: they cannot enter their Twitter accounts. They are also beginning to not be able to get into their Twitter mail.

elon musk freed the bird
elon musk

The era of Elon Musk tweet.

Layoffs (and layoffs) in Slack . One of the employees was quoted in WaPo indicating how Slack. The popular communication tool in companies, was also serving as a means to find out who had been fired. “The numbers are down in [Slack] channels in the last hour, people are dropping like flies,” he said. Meanwhile, those channels are filling up with farewell messages and good wishes among employees.

Employees sue Twitter . These massive layoffs are bringing tail. Not only because of the way they are made. But because according to a group of employees. They are being made without the relevant notices. Several have already sued Twitter precisely for carrying out dismissals in violation of federal and California laws. Theoretically, according to these laws, large companies must notify their employees 60 days in advance.

Musk has been sued for the same thing before. Something similar happened at Tesla in June, but the company won the lawsuit and the judge forced the fired employees to seek closed-door settlements with the company. Musk ended up calling the lawsuit “trivial.”

elon musk twitter

SHAPE OF TWITTER – musk tweet

shapes . As some analysts have pointed out. There is no perfect way to carry out mass layoffs in the era of telecommuting. But in recent times we are seeing terrible examples of how the forms have gotten a bit lost. It happened with the dismissals by Zoom. Which were repeated after that famous case, for example, and is happening now on Twitter.

The boss who didn’t talk to the employees . Musk has not met with employees to communicate his future plans with the company. As they explained in The Washington Post , since Musk closed the deal on October 27, they have not received a single official communication from a management position in the company. Except, of course, this internal email advising of the upcoming layoffs.


The shadow of Twitter layoffs reaches Spain. Unions already warn Musk that he must comply with the law – musk tweet

The wave of layoffs from Twitter , which Elon Musk has justified by the complex economic drift of the company, with daily losses that he has estimated at nearly four million dollars, reaches the other side of the Atlantic. Or at least his shadow. Yesterday the EFE agency published that its employees in Spain fear “the extinction” of the workforce, made up of thirty people .

The mistrust had been motivated. The company’s workers detail EFE – by an email that has reached all active employees in the country with two keys: it informs them of the company’s workforce cut and they are summoned to receive a new statement on the subject.

Among the material that reached them was also a document on compensation, legislation and some clues to the scope of the snip at a global level: it will approach 50% . His suspicions were that the company dispensed with the staff in Spain to divert management to Ireland.

Since then several unions have slipped that the dismissals would have already been substantiated in Spain. One of the first to sound the alarm was Unai Sordo, Secretary General of the CCOO, who claimed last night that “almost all the workers” of the company have received “an email with their dismissal.


26 WORKERS IN COMPANY – musk tweet

A similar message was published this morning by Pepe Álvarez. Secretary General of the UGT. “It reaches us that TwitterSpainSL dismisses its 26 workers by mail. Failure to do so makes the layoffs null and void”, emphasized the manager .

Álvarez emphasizes one of the keys to the process in Spain: the guidelines that Musk must follow if he wants to avoid —as the head of UGT warns— that the dismissal ends up annulled.

“The company will have to reinstate all those dismissed. UGT makes itself available to those affected to challenge collectively and will denounce the company’s actions before the labor inspectorate”, adds Álvarez , who concludes: “A social and legal state cannot allow a man, however rich he may be, put people out of work by trampling on their rights .”

The union is not the only one that has warned of the requirements that the company must meet. Fabián Valero, managing partner of Zeres Abogados and a specialist in labor law, recalls that in Spain and the European Union as a whole, collective dismissals are subject to “a series of formal requirements and guarantees” that seek to prevent abusive use. or unjustified.

Twitter on stepphase


In the case of Spain. They would be regulated by article 51 of the Workers’ Statute. Which clarifies that collective dismissal is one in which there is a termination of contracts based on economic, technical, organizational or production causes and that —for 90 days — affects a certain volume of employees, such as 10% in firms with between 100 and 300 workers.

In addition to detailing the causes that must be present in each of the cases contemplated the article clarifies that the dismissal “should be preceded by a period of consultations with the legal representatives of the workers for a duration of no more than 30 calendar days”. A time period that drops to 15 in the case of companies with less than fifty employees.

“The purpose of the consultation period is to avoid or at least reduce the effects of collective dismissal. The negotiation cannot consist of a swallow for the workers”. Valero abounds in an extensive thread on the requirements that the process must meet, and warns: “If there is no agreement, the chances that the dismissal will be declared void are much higher. Since union challenges will probably be added to individual challenges”.

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