FAUG alternative to PUBG game will come in India?


FAUG game will release in October-2020 because PUBG has banned in india, Rumors



Bengaluru Based nCore games that also count industry veteran Vishal Gondal among investors has announced that he will bring a game called FAU-G and its actor will be Akshay Kumar.

FAUG full form is Fearless And United-Guards.

As well as developers also said that they would be donating 20 percent of games revenue to the Indian Government’s fundraising initiative Bharat Ke Veer.

It is also unclear that FAU-g game will ne limited to PC or for Mobile Devices?

Entrepreneur Vishal GOndal, The CEO of fitness wearable maker GOQii.

He posted a tweet to reveal the development of FAU-G.

He founded India games in 1999 and sold it to Disney in 2011. And he had invested an undisclosed amount in nCore Games in Last year and also serving the startup as a strategic adviser.

Pubg or FAU-G

Akshay Kumar promoted FAU-G from his twitter account. a contribution towards the Atma Nirbhar Bharat campaign by Prime Minister.


Pubg Mobile or Pubg Lite is no longer available on the App Store, Play Store, or Google Play. The days after it was banned with another 117 Chinese origin apps.

Indian people wants?
  • The game Pubg Mobile and Lite ain’t working for those who already have it downloaded.
  • Earlier on Friday Tencent said it would engage with the Indian government to get Pubg Mobile or Lite back.
  • India is the biggest market for Pubg Mobile and Lite over 50 million daily active users reportedly.
  • Pubg Mobile and Lite had taken more significance as India went under the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • This game was the only way for friends to actively socialize with each other.
  • Indian Government says PUBG and other Chinese-origin apps are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of the country.
  • Also, it was receiving a lot of complaints from various sources including several reports about missed use of some mobile apps that available on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Also stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users data in an unauthorized manner to servers that have locations outside of India.
  • Tencent said: it takes user data privacy seriously.
  • TikTok is still blocked in India.
  • But it is still available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Also that a separate version of the game developed by South Korea’s Bluehole.

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