Google’s careful return to RSS. Chrome will learn to track websites


In July 2013, Google closed its Google Reader and made it clear that it is not about RSS. Of course, Chrome is testing the ability to track websites.

In fact, Google has not provided a full-fledged RSS feed reader for almost 8 years. It is also, far there has been no indication that should change. The company offers both Google News and a special For you, which is located on phones within the Google application and sometimes directly on the home screen. As well as, messages are select by the algorithms and user can choose topics he likes or which sites he does not want to see in the selection.

After all, the company is testing the ability to directly subscribe to specific websites. Whose new posts will appear in a separate tab on Chrome’s home screen? To add, use the new Follow option within the browser menu on mobile phones. Of course, novelty thus has no more functions and it’s a completely simple reader. That no case can compete with services such as Feedly, etc.

Of course, for a regular user who wants to see all the news from their favorite sites. After all, it might be enough. As well as, Google itself is not very sure about the deployment yet. Of course, the novelty is only available to users in the USA. In fact, a trial version of Canary for Android. As well as, we’ll have to wait for the next enlargement. In fact, it will also depend on the reaction of users and publisher. Also, it is possible if Google finds a lack of interest in RSS, the service will never ever get into a full browser.

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Written by Zakariya Daman

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