His Oppo smartphone overheats and explodes in his pocket

A store of the Oppo smartphone brand. (drawing)
A store of the Oppo smartphone brand. (illustration) - Xing Yun / Costfoto / Sipa USA / SIPA

INCIDENT A battery failure would have caused this explosion which caused burns to the thighs and ankle

An Indian owner of an Oppo A53 smartphone was burned to his legs after his phone exploded, which was then stowed in his pants pocket. A fault in the battery would be the cause of this incident, indicates the YouTube channel, Technical Dost.

The facts took place in early June in a small village in India. In the images, we see the victim with bandages on the top of both thighs and on the right ankle. The smartphone for its part has a hole in the back, at the location of the battery. According to the owner’s statements, the phone overheated before exploding in his pocket, burning it through his clothes, reports  Phonandroid.

A smartphone still under warranty

The man assures us that he has always used the charger and the cable provided by the manufacturer when purchasing the smartphone. This would therefore rule out the hypothesis of a failure due to the use of third-party accessories, which can cause malfunctions. Here, it seems that a fault on the battery is responsible for the explosion. On the images, we see that the accumulator surrounding this part has melted.

The phone was still under warranty. Oppo has not commented on this matter. This is not the first case of a smartphone explosion. An iPhone 6 has already exploded in the face of its owner. Four years ago, when Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was released, several battery-failing smartphones exploded, leading the South Korean company to recall its devices.

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