I / O 2021: Google to launch the app to analyze cancerous moles

An app to analyze moles and skin pathologies
An app to analyze moles and skin pathologies - Geeko

SANTE The application imagined by Google will also be able to analyze hair and nails

An app capable of preventing skin cancer. Google took advantage of its annual I / O 2021 conference to explain how, using a smartphone camera  , the application that will be launched this year is able to analyze different types of skin and identify pathologies of the epidermis . The experimental tool would already recognize 288 skin conditions.

How it works ?

To have a suspicious mole analyzed by Google’s tool, all you have to do is take three photos of the area of ​​concern from different angles. The app will then ask the “patient” several questions about their skin type, symptoms and duration. The tool also takes into account the age, gender and ethnicity of the person. Google also emphasizes that all skin types are taken into account, from the whitest to the blackest.

“We developed and refined our model using depersonalized data comprising approximately 65,000 images and case data of diagnosed skin conditions, millions of images of skin problems and thousands of examples of healthy skin, all for different demographic categories, ”says the Mountain View firm.

An app to analyze moles and skin pathologies
An app to analyze moles and skin pathologies – Geeko

The American giant’s tool will be able to analyze moles, but also identify pathologies in the nails and hair.

And if Google assures us that its tool is capable of “achieving an accuracy comparable to that of accredited American dermatologists”, “the tool is not intended to provide a diagnosis or to replace a medical opinion”. A consultation with a  dermatologist is  still necessary.

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