Instagram allows you to add a post from the web. It is already testing the function internally


Instagram is growing in popularity and although it offers a web interface. It is not possible to create a post here. Regular users can only upload them through the mobile application. But that should change – developers are already testing the ability to publish posts from the web internally.

Restrictions on Instagram mobile phones have been around since its inception. We have had to wait a few years for the web version itself. Since Facebook bought it, there has been an increasingly strong connection to its systems. And for example, corporate users can now publish to Instagram from the web ( Creator Studio tool ). It allows you to publish not only classic contributions, but also stories or videos on IGTV.

Regular users do not have such an option. They can either resort to one of the browser add-ons that load the mobile version of the site. (Instagram usually doesn’t block adding here), or they can pick up the phone. However, Alessandro Paluzzi has posted screenshots on Twitter showing the upcoming Instagram interface for posting to the web. In addition to a simple upload, it is also possible to set filters, add a tag, etc. There is not much different from adding from the phone.

Unfortunately, the function is currently only tested internally, but hopefully. It will soon appear for everyone, eliminating the need to upload a photo to catch the phone.

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Written by Zakariya Daman

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