Internet: The fiber connection problems are “unacceptable”, judges Arcep

Laure de la Raudiere, former Member of Parliament for Eure-et-Loir. (archives)
Laure de la Raudiere, former Member of Parliament for Eure-et-Loir. (archives) - IBO / SIPA

CANVAS 20 to 30% of fiber connections are failures, notes the telecoms regulatory authority

The French are connecting more and more to fiber, but there are “unacceptable” quality problems during these connections, said Wednesday on BFM Business Laure de la Raudière, president of the French regulatory authority for telecoms (Arcep). “There are record investments in fiber by operators,” said Laure de la Raudiere, with “3.3 million more subscribers in 2020, or one million more” than the progression of 2019.

“But we also see that the connections are not going well. There are 20 to 30% of the connections that are in failure (…) there are quality defects and this is completely unacceptable, ”she said. To remedy this situation, it is necessary that “the relations between the operators of infrastructure” which manage the networks and “the commercial operators” which connect the customer “are much better calibrated”, she estimated. “Arcep worked with them all year 2020 to have a very precise roadmap on the responsibilities of each other (…). We now want this to be put in place and for it to have results, ”added Laure de la Raudiere.

“We will be able to collect quality of service indicators by infrastructure operator and by commercial operator, and we will put them in front of their responsibilities” to have “implementation of corrective measures” and indicators of dysfunction “which decrease” , did she say. The government has set the objective of covering the entire territory with very high speed by 2022, mainly with optical fiber. He also wants to achieve generalization of optical fiber to the subscriber throughout the territory by 2025.

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