Mighty: Would you be willing to pay for a better-performing web browser?


The young American shoot Mighty is trying a daring bet, that of charging a monthly subscription for an Internet browser hosted in the cloud which promises much higher performance than Chrome, Firefox, and others.

Mighty presents itself on paper as a particularly innovative browser, because it is entirely managed in the cloud. In fact, it is not your computer that bears the constraints of your online activity, but a server far from your home. In theory, no more RAM or overheating problem, no matter how many tabs are open. Even the autonomy of your machine should be affected.

Mighty is therefore the promise of having a responsive and efficient web browser without necessarily having a state-of-the-art computer. Last but not least: since your browser is in the cloud, it is in theory never “closed” and your data is therefore accessible at any time from any connected terminal.

A demonstration of the Mighty Navigator. 
© Mighty

Hosted on powerful servers

All this is made possible thanks to an extremely robust upstream installation with machines powered by 16-core processors coupled with 16 GB of RAM, all connected to a 1000 Mbit / s internet connection.

This service will nevertheless have a cost and not the least since the subscription would amount to 30 dollars per month according to the site The Verge. While waiting for its official launch, the project can be discovered in more detail on the Mighty website:

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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