OPPO releases new AR glasses “Oppo AR Glasses 2021”

Oppo AR Glass 2021 - StepPhase

The 2021 model AR glasses OPPO AR Glasses 2021 was unveiled at OPPO INNO DAY. OPPO’s new product and technology announcement event held today on November 17th!


The AR glasses that OPPO sends with full satisfaction first pursue comfort and fit. The weight is 75% lighter than the previous model. And we use human science to adopt a frame that fits naturally to the nose and ears of most users.

Birdbath Optical Technology

Birdbath Optical Technology - Oppo AR glass 2021 - StepPhase

Further OPPO AR Glasses 2021 is Birdbath optical technology by 53% image contrast enhancementbrightness even uniformity across the screen up to 98%. It seems that the wide view like looking at a 90-inch screen 3 meters away and the immersive speaker is exactly “home theater for one person”!

Oppo AR Glass Gaming

In fact, AR gaming with the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and tower defense games, virtual placement of the furniture in your home. AR picture taking with RGB cams that capture virtual & real scenes at the same time.

Hand Tracking Function

Hand Tracking Function - Oppo AR glass 2021 - StepPhase

The hand tracking function detects and tracks the movement of both hands in 1/1000 second unitsWith the marker function equivalent to 21 points, you can grasp delicate movements firmly. In addition, Real-Time SLAM, which performs local mapping, realizes accurate and detailed spatial mapping in units of several centimeters and an angle of less than 1 degree. The fisheye lens and wide-angle lens accurately scan and feedback the user’s environment.

OPPO AR Glasses 2021, which is packed with OPPO’s know-how and technology that has focused on “machine-human interaction” this year, seems to be focusing on related content development in the future, 2021 will come.

In fact, The Oppo AR developer program is coming next year. With Oppo providing a full client-side SDK and a development toolchain, to help the community create AR-specific apps.

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