Pornhub and Mastercard links with pornography site


Pornhub and Mastercard Review: Of course, the payments giant Mastercard is reviewing it is business with porn platform Pornhub and the allegations publish by New York Times.

As well as, the Pornhub company MindGeek has denied prize winning of Pulitzer. And the journalist Nicholas Kristof’s claims that he found multiple videos that featuring child sex abuse and rape.

After all, the Mastercard rival Visa is now investigating, and it is according to Sky News.

MindGeek: this claims flagrantly untrue and irresponsible.

Publicly viewable

In fact, the Mastercard responded when Kristof named it. Saying he didn’t see why search engines, credit-card companies or banks should bolster Pornhub.

After all, the Pornhub is a free to use but it is users can pay £9.99 a month for a HQ mean higher-quality video streams. And also exclusive content and advert-free.

Of course, it is content is largely uploaded by publicly viewable and its own community.

After all, the company said that every single video which uploaded was reviewed by only human moderators.


Videos under age

Of course, its recent annual review that the platform said it had around 42 billion site visitors only in 2019. And also there is around more than 6.83 million videos had been uploaded. That is with a combined and the viewing time of 169 years.

Kristof also claimed that the searches for under-age videos yielded many results and also not all featured children but fews appeared to.

After all, the Pornhub said that it had a zero tolerance for the child sexual abuse. And also used a combination of tools from Google, Microsoft and YouTube. That is here to help it to remove and detect illegal material.


Of course, the Pornhub had under different ownership in 2009. And now it had industry’s most stringent policies and safeguards in place to combat illegal content.

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