Tesla updates its Autopilot to make sure the driver is paying attention to the road behind the wheel


ROAD SAFETY The camera located on the mirrors of the Model 3 and Model Y will help ensure that the driver does not doze off or that he is actually behind the wheel.

The Autopilot on board Tesla is a driving aid but does not yet offer the means of driving in total autonomy . However, some Tesla owners do not hesitate to circulate in a state of advanced fatigue, even drunk, at the wheel, letting the car guide them.

To better assist those who have chosen to activate the driving assistance option, the car manufacturer has just released an update of its Autopilot. It incorporates a function that uses the on-board camera of vehicles, reports Techcrunch relayed by 01Net .

A camera above the rearview mirror

It is the camera fixed above the rearview mirror which is responsible for examining the driver. An alert system was already operational. It relied on sensors positioned on the steering wheel to measure the torque: the driver had to place his hands on the steering wheel, under penalty of triggering visual and audible alarms.

A device that had flaws, first because it was possible to doze off while keeping your hands on the wheel. In addition, drivers had found a way to bypass the current warning system.

Conductors installed at the rear

Many videos of people traveling in a Tesla on the highway, in the back seat, without any driver, are published on social networks such as YouTube or TikTok. Behaviors that can lead to accidents.

With this device, the electric car brand will also comply with the new European regulations. By 2022, all new vehicles marketed in Europe will have to be equipped with a drowsiness alarm, emphasizes Ouest-France . For now, only Model 3 and Model Y are affected by this innovation.

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