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The social network Twitter is continuing its deployment with its new Spaces tool, which gives Internet users a voice. Since May 3, this function is reserved for accounts with more than 600 subscribers; they will be able to hold a lounge to communicate live and hold audio conversations with Internet users. Twitter plans to create paid lounges or entry tickets, in order to remunerate content creators. 

A year after announcing Twitter Spaces, the social network has finally made it accessible to all of its users … or almost. For the moment, only accounts with at least 600 followers will be able to embark on the audio adventure of Twitter. “  Today, we are extending the ability to create a space to all accounts with 600 or more followers on Twitter. From what we have learned so far, these accounts are likely to provide a good experience in facilitating live conversations due to their existing audience, ”the platform said in a press release on Monday. May 3.

Strengthening moderation tools

In addition to this full-scale deployment, Twitter wanted to strengthen its moderation tools for audio shows. The platform recently announced to give the possibility to the creator of an audio space to cut the microphone of all the speakers present, and this, at the same time. As a host, you can of course ban a speaker, pin tweets in the room and invite people to follow the live. For listeners, the possible actions are very limited. In addition to following the audio discussions, a user will be able to react with the help of emojis, ask to speak, promote this  Space in a tweet and in private message, consult the tweets pinned in the space, and finally, follow the discussion if the subtitles are activated by the speaker who has the floor. “  Improvements have been made to live captions so that they can be paused, personalized, and more precise, ” Twitter said. 

Twitter recalls that ”  anyone can report and block other people in a space ” and to protect its users, the platform has developed an alarm system. Now, a user will be able to be alerted if someone they’ve blocked is already speaking in an audio lounge that you were about to join. It will also be impossible for these blocked people to join a space created by the user who blocked them. 

Twitter wants to give users the possibility of creating paid rooms, the Ticketed Spaces.  © Twitter
Twitter wants to give users the possibility of creating paid rooms, the  Ticketed Spaces . © Twitter 

Better remunerate the work of content creators 

Twitter had already put forward the idea of ​​paid subscriptions on its platform with the Super Follow. From now on, the social network would like to launch “spaces with entrance tickets”. These paid audio fairs would aim to help content creators make the most of their work on the platform. “  Hosts spend time and effort creating spaces for conversation, connection, and entertainment. We’re currently working on a way to reward hosts for the experiences they create by securing financial support, while giving listeners exclusive access to the conversations that matter most to them, ”Twitter explained. For the moment, only a limited group will be able to launch such spaces ”  in the coming months. », Indicated the platform without giving the exact date.

In terms of price, Twitter leaves the hand to the creator who can set alone his prices to access his space as well as the number of tickets available for sale. While this function can prove to be extremely lucrative, it remains to be seen how the proceeds will be shared. Twitter clarified that “the majority of the revenue” will be collected by the hosts while the platform will only keep “a small portion of this revenue.” Asked about the percentage perceived by the social network concerning these sales, Twitter did not wish to answer for the moment. To continue the discussion in this test phase, Dantley Davis,  Chief Design Officer, will launch, this Monday at 10 p.m., a space dedicated to this subject where he will be able to answer, with the help of the team behind Spaces, the questions of the community. A good way for Twitter to get feedback from its own users more quickly without extending the test to other people.

To improve the experience of its users, Twitter has also thought of a system of scheduling and reminders for the spaces planned in the future. Twitter is also working on making it easier to find a space to join ”  from a purple bubble around the profile picture of a person you follow, ” the platform said.  

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