Twitter may soon explore a Downvote or Dislike button

Twitter may be exploring a Downvote system or may be a Dislike button. In fact, the company product lead and confirmed that the features to a user’s query. After all, it’s potential change is part of large effort to make Twitter more valuable.

As well as, Jackie said that Twitter has to prioritize address issues such as co-ordinated inauthentic behavior harassment, and misinformation.

In fact, Downvote capability or Dislike buttons we are exploring. Of course, he did not give more information about Twitter features but it was coming from Twitter’s own product lead.

Twitter downvote or dislike
Twitter Downvote or Dislike

Twitter adding a Downvote or Dislike button

Twitter’s report “exploring” Downvoting system or dislike button. In fact, Company also rolled out it is “Fleets” feature when they tested it across India and other markets.

As well as, the company’s product lead Kayvon Beykpour, also responsible for a tweet that is suggesting a feature that the team is exploring for a dislike button or downvote.

Of course, it is really important that Twitter experiments with a lot of features that are not always launching for the Twitter user.

After all, there is a user who was a point to Kayvon Beykpour that how Twitter development priorities lie when the release of Instagram Story like Fleets feature was rolled out globally.

As well as, that user also assessed Twitter’s role in content moderation on to the platform and also urged for its efforts to limit coordinated inauthentic behavior, disinformation, harassment. And he also adds a dislike button to that list.

After all, we are exploring what Beykpour wrote on 17 November at 23:37

In fact, Twitter also made few changes like its retweet mechanism, which confused many users.

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