Data analyst or data scientist: which profession to choose?

For a few years now, job and training offers for data analysts or data scientists have appeared. The development of big data and the digitization of society have indeed created needs in terms of data analysis and processing. But what differences are there between these two professions and are they really accessible to everyone?

Professions with high added value and highly sought after by companies for several years, the data analyst and the data scientist are often confused. However, each professional has their specificities and very distinct skills. Check out these data science experts .

What is a data scientist?

The data scientist works on a set of undefined data. A professional in data mining, he is a statistician, programmer, mathematician and has a very strong marketing vision. The data scientist will develop prediction models to help strategic decision-making by his superiors. Thanks to its work, the company will be able to define trends and develop products or services based on its models. Its missions are not limited to the design of analysis methods. The data scientist is also responsible for matters of data storage and its use.

Data science experts work in professions with high added value and highly sought after by companies.  © pdusit, Adobe Stock
Data science experts work in professions with high added value and highly sought after by companies. © pdusit, Adobe Stock

Data analyst: what are the differences with the data scientist?

The data analyst is also a data expert. But, unlike the data scientist, the data analyst will work on data already extracted and segmented. By analyzing them, he will try to understand them and answer the questions that his company has asked him. The data analyst will rely on different types of data to offer a solution to his superiors or his client. He is halfway between technique and marketing. The job of a data analyst is also more accessible than that of a data scientist. Indeed, the data scientist requires solid bases in mathematics, statistics, programming, and algorithms. He masters machine learning and data visualization.

Training in the profession of data analyst

With the digitization of society and the rise of big data , many companies, in all sectors of activity, are looking in particular for data analysts, to help them add value to their information. For this, there are higher education and professional training institutions such as Data ScienceTech Institute , which allow training in short but intensive sessions in data professions. Data ScienceTech Institute delivers three RNCP level 7 (master) registered training programs in Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Engineering. At the end of the training, students will receive the “Data Science Expert” diploma. All courses are taught in English, either full-time on one of the two existing campuses or online, or part-time via the SPOC system, which allows courses to be taken online and at their own pace. Open all year round, the school provides full-time students with six months of classes and six months of internship. Alternation is also possible. Thanks to its faculty and its industrial partners, many applied projects are carried out during the training.

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