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How to get Followers on Instagram? Basic rules for a Successful Profile

Wondering how to get free followers on Instagram? And why should you try to do that? Instagram is a place where you can not only share your view of the world but also make money here.

Some people want to make a profit, others just need popularity or the opportunity to express their views to the general public. Either way, a sufficient number of Instagram Followers is needed. How do get them without having to pay for them?

Proper promotion is the key to success

instagram followers success method

Instagram is a tool through which you can present yourself in various ways. You can speak for yourself here, you can create a profile dealing with a certain topic associating its fans or you can promote your company or a project here.

If Instagram is a tool for you to make yourself visible or even make money on it, then you can’t do without the right know-how. Promotion on Instagram takes place in various ways, which we will describe in more detail below. If you are not a public figure, you need to make an effort and take the time to succeed on this social network.

How to earn on Instagram?

There are several ways to make money on Instagram. This social network is most often used as a tool to promote a brand/product because direct trade is not allowed via Instagram. However, you can insert photos of your assortment, make various captions and thus make a decent advertisement.

But there are also ways to make money directly by adding some contributions. As a successful blogger or blogger, you can become a tool for other companies whose products you promote and evaluate. In the beginning, it is usual that the “earnings” can be the products that you get for free, and later companies can pay you for their promotion.

You can also earn money by promoting other accounts.

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There are several ways to get a decent number of followers so you can use your profile to make money. For example, through paid applications and services designed for this purpose.

Beware of purchased Followers

Yes, you can easily buy followers. However, most of them are followers from all over the world, and it is not always about quality profiles. However, your profile may become more attractive with a growing number of followers. Unfortunately, this is the view of a number of media agencies and brands that are contracting Instagram micro-influencers for the first time.

However, they soon find out that the money invested in Instagram marketing must be returned to them. And accounts with purchased followers do not show such a big hit and such effective advertising. More and more often, companies request reports from influencers to display a profile or post and then evaluate them. Buying followers quickly is so very short-sighted.

The truth about buying Followers

Apps to get followers are nothing new today and a lot of people use them (unfortunately). There are even companies that specialize in getting followers. You simply say the number you want, you pay the appropriate amount for it and the providers of this service will arrange everything.

It doesn’t have to be a large sum to pay for followers, but the question remains how active the followers will be and how long they will stay on your profile. However, some services offer automatic completion of missing followers free of charge.

It sounds really weird, but that’s the way it goes. But nothing has such a quality as when you work out yourself and get a follower in a classic way without fees.


If you turn on the so-called Business profile on Instagram, you will get access to statistics that will show you which country your followers are from. According to the experience of many, followers from countries such as India, China, Indonesia, and the like are bought in this way.

How to get Instagram Followers for free

If you are serious about your Instagram profile and want to earn extra money, then you have to arm yourself with a little patience and expect it to take a little work. However, this is not impossible or particularly complicated. Below are some tips and hints on how to do it.

1. Create and optimize your profile

The logical first step is to create a profile that will be attractive from the start. The profile should clearly tell your potential followers who you are and why they should follow you.


First, make sure your username is clear and easy to find. Names that are too long or special characters are not recommended. Also, don’t forget to fill in your full name or the name (nick, nickname) under which you appear. It will make it easier to find.

Profile picture

Always make your profile public and then select the appropriate profile picture. For example, if you are creating Instagram for your company, the ideal profile image will be a logo that represents you on other social networks and channels.

Basic profile info

You don’t have to go into too much detail, but the information should be clear, striking, and all-encompassing. This is often the main part of the profile, based on which followers decide to follow.

Try to differentiate yourself and describe your personality or page in an original way. For example, use image icons.

Add a link to your site, if you have one, to the basic description so that people can access them directly from your Instagram. Some even insert an e-mail directly to make it easier for brands to reach the first address.

Enable notifications

Enable notifications so that you don’t miss anything on your profile. You will have an overview of comments and sharing of your posts.

2. Learn how to edit photos

It depends on the quality of the content. And a lot. Twitter or Facebook users may forgive a few bad posts, but bad photos on Instagram can do considerable damage. So if you’re really serious about your Instagram, you should at least learn the basics of creating a good photo. The knowledge of various photo editors plays an important role.

Most Instagram users take their photos on mobile phones. So it’s not about technology and quality SLRs. It is necessary to learn to work with space, perspective, and symmetry. If you expect that the filters from Instagram will be enough for the subsequent adjustment, then you will not get very far. Take your time and search for special applications on your smartphone to edit photos

Tip : You can use editor like Canva, Snapseed, Inshot and much more…

3. Start publishing posts

Once you are convinced that you can create quality content that will be of interest to your followers, start adding posts. Before you start looking for followers, it is ideal to have something to entice them.

For a start, about 15 photos will suffice, which can already sufficiently point out your focus.


Adding random posts is not ideal for getting and keeping followers. It wants a system that must be followed.

Also, think about when the time is right. Posting on Friday or Saturday nights when people are having fun somewhere will not be very effective. Of course, it also depends on whether you only want local or foreign followers on Instagram.

However, if you are interested in how to get local followers of your country, then think about the local time rituals. If you have a Business account, then you can also see the specific hours in the reports that are most active for your existing followers.

Number of photos

Watchers need to be kept alert. The ideal number of photos per day is one to three, with the proviso that it is not very efficient to add more photos at once.

Stories and Reels

Instagram stories and Reels are very popular at noon and even predominate over photos for some users. If you have something to offer and something to say, be sure to create stories, including videos. While Instagram photos are something “artificial”, stories show what you really are, what you are doing, where you are, and what your current feelings are in real-time.

The combination of quality photos and videos in stories is ideal and allows followers to see under the cover of your real life. And that’s what interests them.

Creating short videos for Instagram Reels is currently the more popular and successful way to get more audience and engagement.

If you use the right hashtags, your content will reach a wider audience. Don’t try to drive followers with “like for like”, “followme” hashtags, and the like. It’s cheap, and you’ll get lost in the midst of poor followers. However, it can increase the number of followers. From experience, however, it is temporary and again you get to countries where you don’t really need the following.

The use of a large number of hashtags is also not very functional. Richly, less than ten will suffice if they are of good quality. Try to go through other profiles similar to yours and get inspired by what hashtags and how they are used.

Choosing the right hashtags is also a great way to get likes. These are also very important for attracting new followers.

5. Follow, Comment, Like

This point is one of the most important, if not the most important, in the acquisition of followers. Quality content and well-chosen hashtags are the basis, but communication with other users will do the best job.


Follow other users who are close to you and your topic. They can repay you. Watching others is also good for inspiration. What do successful profiles look like? Maybe you will learn something from them and gain the necessary experience.


Anyone you like to like will see your feedback. Then there is a good chance that the user will look at your profile and start following you.


Probably the best way to attract followers is to comment on their content. Everyone likes it because you can do it in a second. Commenting will take a few extra minutes. In the beginning, try short but nice comments that will praise the person.

The phrase “it looks great on you in this photo” or “it looks great” will definitely not spoil anything, on the contrary. The interest in your profile will then be greater on the part of the person. If you break up, it will be even better. Beware of comments that may look robotic or that they were written by someone with the help of a translator. But if you are targeting a local audience, you need to let yourself know that you live here and speak the local language well.

Also, comment on your own content. Questions work well, which keeps followers alert. You can also send personal messages.

6. Collaborate

Helping each other pays off not only in everyday life but also on social networks. Find someone with similar content or a large number of followers and share their profile on your channel.

You can tell your followers what is interesting about a given profile and why they should visit it, and thus increase the viewership of that person. Then there is a good chance that he will do the same for you.

Do you want to be successful on Instagram?

If you do the hard work, but in a more effective way, in the long run, you won’t have to invest too much money in success on Instagram. The main investment will be your time, effort, and creativity because that is what makes a profile quality. Get inspired by others, but at the same time try to differentiate yourself so that your content does not fall into the hundreds of others.

You won’t get everything right on the golden tray, so also be patient. As this article shows, the main strength is in communicating with the Instagram community and helping other bloggers. If you make a good name, everything will be easier.

Use photos and videos in stories and show your personality or product from a different angle. Reward your followers, thank them for their support, and try to communicate impartially. It is important not only to gain the numbers of instagram followers and followers but also to keep them.


The whole game is a little hard work and straggle. By staying active on Instagram regulars, you can increase your Instagram followers or audience with your good communication skills, good and creative photos, and everything else that is Preventionally Mentioned. After adopting all these methods, please comment and tell us whether your instagram followers have increased or not. And yes, in addition to this, if you have any suggestions to query, then you can contact us.

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