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Hostinger is one of the most well-known web hosting companie. They are known for their low price and great performance. In this hostinger review, you should know everything before you buy web hosting from Hostinger. And see our amazing offer and hostinger coupon code at the end of the post.

Web Hosting Price Review

Let’s get into the biggest selling point of Hostinger web hosting, their Price segment. They are by far the cheapest hosting provider out there, with plans starting at just $0.99. So for a 4-year web hosting plan, you only need to pay $43. With the available hostinger coupon code, it’s getting cheaper.

Hostinger Web Hosting Price - StepPhase

But the question is: what are the differences between different price plans? You should know your requirements first. In my opinion, their starter plan of $0.99 is ideal for a portfolio site, a very small business, or anywhere something gets a small amount of user traffic once in a while. With $43, you can keep your website running for four years.

In general, Business Shared Hosting will be the best choice over the $2.59 Premium Shared Hosting plan because we have to add more than $1.40 to Business Shared Hosting and you will get 15%–20% better performance and daily backups worth $1 per month. It will be a better value for your money.

Cloud Hosting Price Review

Finally, the cloud hosting plan offers top-of-the-line performance. It is ideal for websites that have some serious traffic. It will cost you around $340 for 4 years according to their starter plan.

The reason is so expensive because it uses a different technology and you won’t be sharing resources with other users on the server. You will have your own separate space, So it’s faster more reliable, and more secure in general.

User-Friendly CPanel Interface

The Hostinger user interface is quite fast and simple to navigate for users. For example, You can create a website from scratch. By clicking on Manage on Dashboard, then navigating to Auto-Installers, choosing one of the options like WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, and hundreds of much more frameworks.

It is easy to configure and install, and after some seconds BOOM, your website is online on the internet, and you can work on the design, content, and stuff like that.

Pretty much everything you need is located in the Hostinger Control Panel. For example, you can also create a custom email address by navigating to the Email section and in seconds you will have a custom email address using your website name.

And of course, you still have all the standard features like File Manager, Database Manager, and the new Website Dashboard function where you can manage your website plugins, backups, speed, and security, or activate a maintenance mode.


Obviously, a review wouldn’t be a review. if I didn’t show you the performance side of things. Hostinger guarantees an uptime of 99.9%, which isn’t bad, especially for the price. However, you can find other options in the market that offer an uptime of 99.97%.

On the other hand, they do offer fast loading speeds. They use different technologies like SSDs, PHP 7, and LiteSpeed to improve their servers, which take half the time to respond as compared to the market average.

So it’s safe to say that hosting is in the upper bracket of hosting services in terms of speed.


Security is super important for business websites. In particular, hosting services should provide the tools to make sure that information is kept safe.

Hostinger offers a lifetime SSL certificate for free with all three of their plans. In simpler words, this encrypts data that is sent over the internet so a third party can’t access it.

Hostinger also gives the option to upgrade to even better security A Comodo SSL certificate is the more suitable option for eCommerce websites. This allows customers to freely input their private information if they want to make sure that your website doesn’t fall prey to DDoS attacks.

You can sign up for Cloudflare as well to add a little bit more to security. Hostinger also uses two-factor authentication to make sure that a website is being accessed by its owner.

Hostinger Customer Support

Anyone can get stuck while setting up a website which is why an effective support system needs to be in place.

Hostinger offers a Knowledge Center filled with an impressive number of articles grouped by category and covers nearly every aspect of setting up a website. You’ll even find detailed tutorials and advice for issues like error messages.

The support team can also be contacted through email support tickets and live chat that’s available 24/7.

Their team is also multilingual, which is remarkable. One thing that’s missing is phone support, which could have offered quicker responses. The response time through live chat can also vary, which means you can still sometimes be forced to look through the knowledge center, but when the representatives do reply they’re helpful more often than not.

Hostinger Review In Conclusion

So that is a wrap for our comprehensive review on the hostinger review topic of hosting overall. Hostinger web hosting is a great web host for beginners and experts.

Alike their support team is outstanding and will guide you if you have any problems with your site.

They’ve got excellent features and their introductory prices are amongst the lowest in the market.

It’s a win-win for pretty much every department but the ultimate choice depends on your particular requirements.

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