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ToolsPur Group SEO Tools Review: Best in the Market

ToolsPur Review - StepPhase

ToolsPur: If you want to work professionally with WordPress and Blogger, you will need a lot of SEO tools.

When it comes to Free SEO Tools we can’t get many options and features than Paid SEO tools. Many beginners are unable to buy paid SEO tools for the reason that it’s too costly.

But the solution for this is Group SEO Tools services were you can use many premium paid SEO tools at the cheapest price.

What is Group SEO Tools?

With the help of Group SEO Tools, you can get access to the world’s most advanced All-in-one SEO tools. For example, SEMrush Pro, Ahrefs, Alexa agency, and so on. Under one dashboard you will get instant access to all the paid SEO tools.

There is a lot of fake Group SEO Tools services website on the internet. Which only takes do fake promises and take your money.

So, When it comes to buying the best and reliable Group SEO Tools service provider, a Website like Toolspur is the most trustworthy and safest option to choose from.

So, here’s my detailed review on ToolsPur where you will going to know everything about ToolsPur and their services.

About ToolsPur

ToolsPur is a premium tool and services provider website at the cheapest rate of Group Buy Services.

They provide Cloud-Based Access to Tools on their Dashboard with Instant One-Click Access to any tools.

They have 24/7 Team Support with guaranteed 99.99% of tools uptime with 100% Privacy Protection for their users.

ToolsPur offers a lot of tools and you can buy them in a group too. Basically, they created 3 different plans containing different tools.

How ToolsPur Works?

ToolsPur works on any browser which offers addons or extension. Because we have to install 2 extensions provided by ToolsPur.

Why we have to install extensions?

Group Buy Services not provided to one customer. Even a single tool used by a lot of customers.

To maintain each customer privacy the ToolsPur Developer developed an extension, that won’t let others see your work.

Thus, To get started You first have to purchase any tool or plan, then whenever you’re successfully logged into your dashboard then you’ve got to choose the tool that you would like to use. Then you’ll notice the 2 extensions shown in the below picture.

StepPhase ToolsPur Account - How to install toolspur extension

ToolsPur Features

  • Guaranteed Uptime: ToolsPur monitor each tool closely, there is no chance of service going down.
  • Instant Access: ToolsPur understands your need and urgency that is why they don’t keep you waiting. ToolsPur will mail you all the details as soon as you have made your payment.
  • Premium Support: ToolsPur not only provide service but also provide support. If you are facing any problem their support team will be there for you anytime you need it.
  • Highly Secure: They use genuine methods so there is no doubt about the quality of service. They honor your privacy which is why the safety of your personal details assured.
  • Cheapest Prices: ToolsPur buy the tool at the original price so that you don’t have to. You can buy it for cheap from the ToolsPur website as they share the tools with others. It’s totally risk-free and affordable for everyone. Their aim is to provide premium tools for affordable prices.
  • One-Click Access: There is no problem with logging into multiple accounts or remembering the password of so many accounts. You can access all your important tools in just one click.
  • Control your Payment Subscription: ToolsPur doesn’t do automatic deduction of payment for the tools you purchase. You can make payments yourself every month. So, your payment details will not be stored with them.
  • Refund Policy: If you are not happy with ToolsPur service then you can ask for a refund and they will refund immediately and no questions will be asked.
  • Payment Options: ToolsPur is using Paytm, PayuMoney, UPI, PayPal, JazzCash, EasyPaisa, etc. to accept their payments (International + National), all are accepted.
  • Multiple Account Usage or Account Sharing: Before buying any of the plans, you were asked to the optional purchase of Allow Account Sharing up to 4 peoples (No IP Block) of INR 399.

ToolsPur Plans and Pricing

ToolsPur has 3 major plans consists of all the essential tools that every Blogger, Digital Marketer, Web-developer needs.

They also provide individual tools if you don’t want to go for all the tools at once or you want to try first.

The three basic plans are as follows:

All In One Plan

This plan provides all the tools that ToolsPur provides. Which is great for professionals. As well as, name of tools is Ahrefs, Semrush Pro, Keyword Revealer, Envato Elements, Moz Pro, WooRank, WordTracker, Canva Pro, WordAI, Freepik Premium, Grammarly, Crello Pro, Alexa Agency, Stock Unlimited, Placeit Premium, Pic Monkey, Netflix Desktop, Prime Video, Lynda Premium, SkillShare.

These are the services that you will get in only ₹799/month or $11/month. Buy Now (opens in new tab).

Lite Plan

This plan provides a combination of Graphics Editor tools, Keyword Research tools, and Entertainment services. It is ideal for beginners. The name of tools is Ahrefs, Semrush Pro, Moz Pro, Pic Monkey, Skill-Share, Canva Pro, Grammarly Premium, Netflix Desktop, Prime Video.

These are the services that you will get in only ₹499/month or $7/month. Buy Now (opens in new tab).

Single Tool Buy

In fact, you can choose any tool or service. Which is great for multi-taskers. After all, the name of tools and its pricing is Ahrefs [₹349], Semrush Pro [₹249], Keyword Revealer [₹199], Envato Elements [₹399], Moz Pro [₹99], WooRank [₹99], WordTracker [₹99], Canva Pro [₹99], WordAI [₹149], Freepik Premium [₹199], Grammarly [₹149], Crello Pro [₹99], Alexa Agency [₹99], Stock Unlimited [₹149], Placeit Premium [₹199], Pic Monkey [₹99], Netflix Desktop [₹99], Prime Video [₹149], Lynda Premium [₹99], SkillShare [₹99].

At just a starting price of ₹99/month or $2/month.

Buy Now (opens in new tab).

ToolsPur Refund Policy

ToolsPur will refund if their tools won’t work for more than 3 days. Also, you can ask for a refund via live chat. Their team member will try to solve your issues and If they are unable to solve your issues then they will initiate your refund 100%.

After all, most of the tools won’t work on mobile if you are a mobile user and want to buy their service please contact them via live chat. Just keep in mind that they won’t refund you if you claim as a mobile user after purchasing tools that don’t work on mobile. As well as, they will not provide any refund if your account gets blocked by their system for stealing or sharing cookies. Note: Their Refund may take a maximum of one week to initiate.

Frequently Asked Questions

ToolsPur Provides Shared Account Or Dedicated Account?

As it is a group buy tool service, ToolsPur provides shared accounts (Limited & Managed), but your searched data will be secure in our platform. ToolsPur is a fully security-focused group buy tool service.

How many IPs allowed in ToolsPur

ToolsPur only allows one user per account. Remember you have to use One ISP to access our service; otherwise, you will be blocked by their automated system. However, you can raise a review from their live chat platform. Their team will manually review your account. No VPNs, RDPs are allowed in their system. Also anykind of reverse engineering may cause account suspension.

Can I use accounts in Home and Office?

NO! You can’t use one account on different ISP or Location. You have to purchase two accounts to access from home and office. If you try to use one account from a different location, you will be permanently banned from their platform.

Do ToolsPur provides refund?

Yes, ToolsPur give refund if their tools doesn’t work more than 3 days. You can initiate your refund using the ticket system or Via Live chat. Their customer executive will help you out.

How do I get access to my purchased tools?

ToolsPur provides you the tools through 2 different methods, first one -access directly by just installing ToolsPur’s official chrome extensions, 2nd one, access tools through one click.

Are there any limitations in account?

Yes, there are some limitations to the tools. Because of ToolsPur user’s privacy, they have to hide some information provided by our users.

Our Experience with ToolsPur

Of course, StepPhase team uses the All In One Plan of ToolsPur. We never faced issue with their service till now, If something happens their support staff Suraj and Ramneek resolves issues so fast they are doing great job in providing assistant.

As well as, ToolsPur uptime is really good their service never let me down. Of course, i am very glad that I choose the best in the market Group SEO Tools Buy Service.

So here in ToolsPur, there are lots of valuable tools for everyone. If you are willing to purchase then here is the direct link for Toolspur (Buy Now).

If you buy from the above link, then just contact us with purchase proof & purchase time and contact us with those details. We will provide you more cashback mentioned below.

If you buy All In One Pack -> We will send you Rs. 80 via UPI or Other Payment Method
If you buy Lite Pack -> We will send you Rs. 50 via UPI or Other Payment Method
If you buy Single Tools -> We will send you Rs. 30 via UPI or Other Payment Method.

In fact, You can contact us, If you want to buy and also you will get a special discount. And also you will get the coupon code so that will help you low cost.

What do you think?

Written by stepphase

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