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Reasons To Buy The New iPhone 13 Or Not: Must Read

new iPhone 13

This week we finally get to know the four new iPhone 13, presented by Apple in Cupertino. These are smartphones that represent an incremental evolution on the part of the technological manufacturer, but there are always good reasons to acquire new equipment. So, the new iPhone 13 is especially for those who want to buy their first iPhone or change the old one.

So, without wasting more time let’s get started on the Reasons to buy the new iPhone 13. There are three main reasons to buy the phone. Here we go….!!!!

3 Reasons To Buy The New iPhone 13

iPhone 13
iPhone 13

The big news is in the Pro models, and that’s where we’ll be. But since the base equipment, some reasons might make you want to change your old iPhone or even migrate from Android to iOS.

1. Brighter 120Hz Screen

This is the main reason to migrate to one of the new iPhone 13 Pro. The brightness of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max goes from a maximum of 800 to 1000 nits. But the big news is that finally, like the iPad Pro, they now support ProMotion.

This technology allows it to offer variable refresh rates between 10 and 120Hz. This means that the device will know how to save when you need it, and give you all the fluidity of navigation you want at the right time.

2. Better Autonomy

Anyone who has used old iPhones knows that autonomy is not one of their scrolls. But during its presentation, Apple said that the new devices have more autonomy than before.

The new iPhone 13 mini promises 17 hours of video viewing autonomy, instead of the previous 15. The iPhone 13 promises 19 hours, instead of the previous 17. The iPhone 13 Pro jumps from 17 hours of playback to 22, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max goes from 20 to 28 hours.

3. Improved Cameras

The sensor on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini cameras is now the same as on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It can capture 47% more light, so your photos at night will necessarily be better.

Apple introduced a new “Kinematic Mode” that allows recording in Dolby HDR. Among other things, you’ll be able to “play” with focus easily when editing. But it is in the Pro models that the news is even more interesting.

The ultrawide of these models has improved 92% in low light conditions, and telephoto now has a night mode and 3x optical zoom. The ultrawide lens allows you to focus on objects up to 2 centimeters, so it can be used to capture good macro images.

3 Reasons “Not” To Buy The New iPhone 13

new iPhone 13
iPhone 13

If you’re an iPhone user and you’re used to it, it won’t be a problem to switch to one of the new models. But if you are currently an Android user and are thinking of switching, I leave you with three reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. Lack Of USB-C Port For Charging

The USB-C port has already become the smartphone industry standard. Practically all equipment we find on the market already has this universal charging port. But if you buy an iPhone, you’ll have to carry a Lightning cable (owner of Apple) in the back.

2. Slow Loading

If you have a relatively recent Android smartphone, note that the loading speed has evolved a lot in recent times. To give you an idea, Xiaomi has just launched the 11T, a smartphone that charges up to 120W in just 17 minutes with a 5000mAh battery.

Even though this is still a drop in the ocean, there are already many devices with a 50W or 65W charging speed. But if you buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max, it only charges a maximum of 20W.

3. Fingerprint Sensor

FaceID is one of the safest ways to unlock a device. But the fact that Apple only gives this option has meant that, in the last year and a half, users have often had to take off the mask to unlock their iPhone or enter the code over and over again.

Something we have on any Android smartphone is fingerprint unlocking on the screen or the on/off button. And considering that Apple applied this technology to that same button on the iPad Air and iPad mini, it’s not clear why it didn’t do it on the iPhone. It would be a great addition to FaceID.

iPhone 13: Wrap Up

Reasons will others could be on this list, as the outdated notch. Or even the fact that on the iPhone there are no gestures from the side to go back more easily from an app. At least the refresh rate up to 120Hz is already a reality on the new iPhone 13 Pro.

There are three good reasons to buy the new smartphones as well as There are just three reasons not to buy the new iPhone 13, which is taking feedback from an iPhone 12 user. They reflect my opinion, bearing in mind that I regularly use iOS but also Android.

Now, let us tell if this article is helpful or not? Do comment below. And you can also share your experience of iPhone use if it is good or bad or anything else, which want to share in our comment section. Also if there is any query you can freely contact us. Thanks!!

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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