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Apple would as of now be building up its own internet search engine for the iPhone. And would replace Google as the default internet search engine, as per the Financial Times.

Half a month back it found that Google and Apple had a multi-million dollar agreement. Whereby the previous paid the last for having the default most utilized search engine on iPhones. A move that of course can also be considered an anti-competitive practice by Google. Apple might want to maintain a strategic distance from this by building up its own search engine.

According to the Financial Times, Apple is currently developing a search engine almost against the clock. As they are monitoring the authorities who are examining technology companies. It was very recently that Google suffered a historic lawsuit for its extremely privileged position in the online search market.

However, Apple would join the growing list of companies to stop depending on Google. Such as Huawei, which by imposition is involved in the development of its own search engine, Petal Search.

Apple will use its own search engine

These rumors were true when the hiring of John GiannandreaGoogle’s Artificial Intelligence team leader until 2018, went to work at Apple to improve Siri. 

The first thing to remember is that he is a person who has extensive knowledge in the field. In addition, she has worked with those responsible for the best search engine in the world.

In addition, there are job offers from Apple looking for engineers. This without going any further tells us about Apple’s intention to “define and implement the architecture of Apple’s ‘revolutionary’ search technology.

For instance, Apple has bought Vilnyx, a startup in Barcelona that specializes in artificial intelligence. It is intended to improve AI algorithms for searching videos on the Internet. He has been working at Apple for a year now.

Vilnyx code analyzes the audio and image of videos to understand what is seen in them and adds tags to them to make them easier to find. The purchase was made for about $50 million, according to Bloomberg. 

An improvement that could perfectly be used in Siri to improve its capabilities, but that also fits into a search engine development project.

It is not the first time

It is far from the first attempt by a company to stop depending on Google, either by choice or by imposition. Microsoft has Bing, its own search engine, and there are alternatives like DuckDuckGo and Startpage. The most famous case is undoubtedly that of Huawei.

Although Petal Search is a measure aimed at users so that they can install applications. This software also has the mission of making up for the lack of Google services caused by the US ban on the company.  

A project that, on the other hand, is proving to be an ordeal given the dependence of the manufacturers on Google and its search engine, despite the fact that Petal Search is a software developed from scratch and that it intends to fulfill all the functions that are expected from a search engine.

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