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Youtube Shopping, By just clicking on an ad the user can purchase any product. It can be a reality very soon.

Far away was that Youtube that we used to use to watch funny videos and absurd falls. At the same time, it is also the second-largest search engine in the world, right after its parent company Google. It has become a career option for many youths,

The Influencers or digital brand ambassadors are the main who will going enjoy shopping feature most, As it will become easy for them to sell things to their audiences.

Youtube has a wide portfolio of functions that increasingly surprises its users with the passage of time. With 2 billion active monthly users, It is the world’s largest online video platform.

The video social network has achieved a huge amount of revenue by monetizing its content with ads.

Google could go further and turn the platform into an online store, according to a report released by Bloomberg.

Shopify will integrate with Youtube

Users will now not only see the products, but will also be able to purchase them from the same platform with a click.

The report indicates that Youtube would use a function very similar to that of Instagram, that is if you like a product that you saw in a video, just by clicking it you can buy it. This function will be possible thanks to the integration of Shopify in the platform.

Google would be based on the idea of ​​wanting to turn its advertising social network into a channel that competes with other popular electronic sales stores such as Amazon, especially in these times when online shopping has increased due to the pandemic.

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