GTA 6 Project Americas

GTA Project Americas map leak, we are hoping

GTA Project Americas, Rockstar fans waiting for GTA 6 and hoping map as Project Americas. After all, GTA 6 world map is circulating on Internet, but everythings is just a rumors so here i have came with another one about GTA Project Americas. In fact, there is a rumors which is several theories about locations that Rockstar could be set in.

GTA Project Americas
GTA Project Americas

GTA Project Americas, GTA 6 News and Rumors

On 18th October there was a Reddit post says. MrBurpAlot posted a Screenshot and it was directly claim and allegedly leaked of GTA 6 map. After all, Project Americas also claims that the game maybe set in South Americas and the caribbean or maybe a Vice City. As well as, few rumors says that GTA 6 map will be set in Tokyo, Miami, London. But Unfortunately everything is just a rumors so we are not sure that where GTA 6 will bet set in?

GTA 6 news by
GTA 6 news

Also, there is a report that Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reveal that is GTA 6 in development. After all, there is still hope for the original image of GTA 6 is allegedly leaked map maybe actually be legitimate.

gta 6 map
GTA 6 map

In fact, there is not a perfect proof and image of GTA 6 news map. After all, Rockstar design for Red Dead Redemption 2 map leaked of the Western’s release in the 2018. Of course, that is why fans of Grand Theft Auto do not want to mockup GTA 6.


After all, Rockstar have not say a single word about GTA 6 news, maps, protagonist, female lead, female character? not sure anything. After all, there is not a perfect prove that define GTA 6.

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