How to download cracked games and install them without errors

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How to Download Cracked games and install without errors

Today I will show you how to download and install cracked PC games easily without any errors. A lot of gamers can’t afford expensive games. So they download the pirated or cracked version of PC games. Of course, this process is not easy because when you try to download the game you will encounter a lot of fake websites. In this process, the user has to keep clicking on the download button and another download button and ads keep coming, and another download button. And in the end, there is no Download of game.

There are few genuine websites that give actual cracked games. In fact, the downloading and installing process is not easy for everyone. Now I am showing you how to download and install cracked games from the best website Fitgirl.


Follow 5 step guide to download Cracked Games easily from Fitgirl:-

Select a game that you wanna download

Download the uTorrent application and install it

Scroll down to download links. You’ll see many links but click on Magnet Link.

Clicking on Magnet Link will direct you to the uTorrent application and your download will start.

Downloading speed will depend on your Internet Connection speed.

After finishing your download, it’s time to install it without error. So follow these 6 steps.

Disable Windows Defender and Anti-Virus before install

Now click on setup application and Limit it to 2 GB Ram. if you have RAM 8GB or less than 8GB. It is important to select the 2GB RAM limit and it will eliminate all your memory errors like ISDONE.dll. Also, it will help you to install fast.

You have to make sure that you have enough space for installed game.

Be patient and Don’t panic if it looks stuck. The installation will take few hours that is dependent on the game size and the machine’s hardware.

Don’t skip file verification.

After installation, install DirectX 11 and vcredist, it will avoid .dll file missing error.

Boom, you can enjoy that game.

is it safe to download the cracked games? is it legal to pirate games?

So listen, there’s no guarantee Because these cracked games may contain malicious scripts and applications.

You have to download it at your own risk and by the way piracy is illegal.

Don’t worry Gamers you won’t go to jail for downloading the pirated games. – Zakariya Daman

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I hope that this list of the Best websites to free pc games downloads site list in 2021 is helpful to you. Do you have any suggestions? Please share in the comments below.

Of course, you can contact us to let us know if we are missing something on our page. I hope you like it and by the way, thank you for your visit.

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Written by Zakariya Daman

My name is Zakariya. I studied for 12 years, 10 years in Government High School in Nani Daman, and 2 years in Technical Training Institute in Moti Daman. I was born in Daman and living in Daman.

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