iPhone 13 leak – Rumors and Everything We Know So Far

iPhone 13 leak: Apple fans want name change because of number 13

While Apple is expected to launch its next series of iPhone 13 later this year. Some users who describe themselves as triskaïdekaphobes, therefore afraid of the number 13. Would prefer the name iPhone (2021) to that of iPhone 13.

Apple is expected to launch 7 models this year. Among them, the iPhone 13. This is expected to hit the market in September and will be offered in four variants: the iPhone 13 mini, a standard model, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the 13 Pro Max. But the arrival of the new range raises a question related to its name, which puts off some of the users.

A survey conducted by Sellcells shows that 18.3% of iPhone users would like Apple to rename the future iPhone 13 to iPhone (2021). These users are Triskaïdékaphobes, they are afraid of the number 13.

And they consider this number to be unlucky. Faced with this number, 81.7% of users said that the nickname “iPhone 13” did not affect their purchasing choice.

iPhone 13 leak
image credit unsplash – iphone 13 leak

Will Apple have to skip the iPhone 13? – iPhone 13 leak

It wouldn’t be the first time that a tech giant has changed numbers out of superstition. Apple could also make the choice to skip number 13. It had done with number 9.

Microsoft had also done the same with Windows, which has never known version 9. (The editor of Redmond went from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10).

If we do not yet know what will be the official name of the next iPhone. We already know most of its specificities and novelties.

Even though Apple is doing everything to prevent leaks. We have a lot of information about the new generation of its smartphones.

On the design side, we already know that the iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch. A 120 Hz panel and could offer an Always-on screen thanks to LTPO. (Low-temperature polycrystalline oxide thin-film transistor) technology.

Regarding connectivity, all iPhone 13s will of course be 5G compatible. Thanks to the presence of a Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 modem.

Autonomy should be better because Apple would have managed to free up space to integrate larger batteries. Finally, the new version of the iOS 15 mobile operating system will be there. Bringing with it innovative functions.

Such as the possibility of storing identity papers thanks to the Wallet application, or the Digital option. The digital inheritance allows you to designate an heir to access your iCloud data in the event of death.

iPhone 13 leak
image credit phonandroid – iphone 13 leak

iPhone 13: 512 GB not a 1TB storage – iPhone 13 leak

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max would ultimately not carry 1 TB of internal storage. According to TrendForce analysts. Apple will offer the same storage capacities as last year on the iPhone 12.

Several leaks prophesied the arrival of an iPhone 13 with 1 TB of internal storage. According to the leaks. Apple’s decision to increase the available storage space comes.

From the integration of a special anamorphic lens capable of filming in 8K up to 45 frames per second. To store the recorded sequences. Apple would therefore have decided to offer iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max with 1 TB of storage.

In a report published on June 21, 2021. TrendForce analysts are swimming against the grain. And claim that Apple will not offer more internal storage on the iPhone 13s.

iPhone 13 leak
image credit concept creator – iphone 13 leak

iPhone 13 is very similar to iPhone 12 – iPhone 13 leak

The iPhone 13 promises to be very similar to the iPhone 12. For experts, it would be a transitional generation for Apple smartphones. The brand would take the fundamentals introduced last year.

Such as the Lidar scanner, angular edges, and a general design reminiscent of old iPhones. Moreover, the report repeatedly mentions the range under the name iPhone 12s.

Rather than launching new features. Apple will be content to improve already existing features.

TrendForce cannot imagine Apple revising upwards the storage capacity built into its high-end phones. The Californian brand should decline the Pro models in the following configurations: 128, 256, or 512 GB.

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 13 should be offered at the same price as the iPhone 12 . Apple will take last year’s price list literally.

Which ranges from 809 euros to 1259 euros, notes TrendForce. As a reminder, the new iPhones will not be announced before the September 2021 keynote.

iPhone 13 leak
image credit unsplash – iphone 13 leak

iPhone 13 leak: we know the price of the next Apple smartphones before their presentation

The Taiwanese research firm TrendForce released a report earlier this week in which it announced. That sales of iPhone 12 mini were catastrophic.

Which led Apple to stop production. The report also unveils pricing information for the next generation. That will unveil later this year.

TrendForce refers to the new range with the number “12S” rather than “13”. but it will probably be necessary to wait for the official presentation to know this information.

iPhone 13 leak
image credit phonandroid – iphone 13 leak

Price will be the same as the current generation of iPhones – – iPhone 13 leak

The price of components would have exploded. But Apple would have decided to keep the same prices as for its current iPhone 12.

Therefore, at the end of the year. We should find the iPhone 13 mini for 809 euros. The iPhone 13 from 909 euros. The 13 Pro for 1,159 euros. And the 13 Pro Max from 1,259 euros. The price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512 GB soars to 1,609 euros in France.

This new generation should be more interesting than the previous one. In particular thanks to the new A15 chip engraved in 5 nm or the 120 Hz OLED screen on the Pro models.

All iPhones will benefit from new photosensors this year. We expect better stabilization and to perform better in low light.

iphone 13 leak

iPhone 13 Pro: thinner notch, Touch ID under the screen. This video reveals the design of Apple’s smartphone – iPhone 13 leak

In collaboration with the Dutch media LetsGoDigital, Jermaine Smit. The talented graphic designer behind the Concept Creator YouTube channel. It has developed sublime renderings showing the iPhone 13 Pro.

One of the two premium models in the iPhone 13 range. iPhone 13, an iPhone 13 mini, an iPhone 13 Pro, and an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The graphic designer relied on the various rumors that appeared on the web in recent months to develop the renderings. It is not uncommon for Apple to manage to keep certain elements a secret until the keynote.

apple iphone 11 pro
iPhone 13 leak

No revolution this year in iPhone – iPhone 13 leak

It will notice the iPhone 13 Pro is not much different from the iPhone 12 Pro.

In addition to Face ID, Apple includes a Touch ID fingerprint reader. For the very first time, this sensor is slipped under the screen. It is also the first time that Apple offers two methods of biometric authentication. The widespread use of masks has forced Apple to review its plans.

iphone 12 pro
iPhone 13 leak

IPhone 13 sales will explode, what’s new in Windows 11 is the recap – iPhone 13 leak

The demand for iPhone 13 will be exceptionally strong this year. Microsoft officially announces Windows 11, Top of the worst passwords 2020.

On this day after the full moon and as the weekend approaches. We tell you everything in the last recap of the week before the weekend!

The renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes. That Apple will capture a large part of the demand of the high-end segment. Thanks to new products and a better technical sheet, but also thanks to the “Huawei ban.

A large part of consumers tempted by high-end smartphones were previously Huawei customers. Before the manufacturer suffered heavy retaliation from the United States. causing him to lose his Android license.

Deprived of the Play Store. Its alternative App Gallery does not meet the expectations of consumers. And the iPhone 13 thus arrives at the right time to capture the demand of the disappointing. Chinese society in the very high-end segment.

iPhone 12
iPhone 13 leak

The iPhone 13 will be released on September 24, 2021, no delay this year! – iPhone 13 leak

The release date of the iPhone 13 and all its variations would be scheduled for September 24, 2021. There would therefore be no delay this year for Apple’s new smartphones.

In 2020, iPhones were announced in October, much later than usual. If the iPhones are released on September 24. The keynote should take place on September 14.

In 2020, Apple did not “respect” its usual schedule for smartphone releases. The Cupertino company did not present it’s iPhone 12 in September but in October. And, like the iPhone X, not all models hit the market 10 days after their announcement.

This was the case for two of them, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max had to wait several more weeks before arriving on the store shelves.

This delay was obviously a consequence of the global coronavirus epidemic. A complicated health situation to which is added the shortage of components. Which currently affects all segments of high-tech products.

We talk about it regularly in our columns. It particularly affects game consoles and graphics cards. But smartphones are also affected. According to Qualcomm. Will the iPhone 13s expected this fall to be late? It seems not.

iPhone 12 Series - StepPhase
iPhone 12 leak

Apple will produce iPhone 13 for maybe in a September launch – iPhone 13 leak

A financial analyst from US investment bank Wedbush Securities released a note saying. The iPhone 13s will be unveiled in September. He even goes a little further. Since he says that the start of the marketing of smartphones will take place on Friday, September 24, 2021.

To explain this hypothesis, it relies on information gleaned from the firm’s Asian subcontractors. The firm is said to have planned to produce between 130 and 150 million units. Before the end of 2021. And between 35% and 45% of its phones will be assembled in the third quarter. Ie between July and September.

The hypothesis of September 24 for the commercial launch of the iPhone 13. It is also responds to the habits of the firm whose iPhones are always available on a Friday. If we rely on this hypothesis.

We can derive the date of Apple’s keynote: it would take place 10 days before, i.e. September 14, 2021. And pre-orders would start on September 17th. It remains to be seen whether all the planned models will be available at the same time.

iPhone 12 leak
iPhone 12

IPhone 13: Apple threatens to file a complaint against the leakers – iPhone 13 leak

Apple has decided to show its teeth in the face of the many leaks around the iPhone 13. The manufacturer has started to send several threat letters to the most influential leakers in the Apple community. The objective is clear, to limit as much as possible in the future the leaks linked to future products of the Apple brand.

As you may know, the leaks concerning the iPhone 13 have been increasing on the web in recent weeks. For example, we were able to discover photos of a prototype of the iPhone 13 mini.

The prices of the entire iPhone 13 range were disclosed several months before the official presentation. In April 2021, a leaker revealed that the TouchID fingerprint reader under the screen would indeed be present on the iPhone 13.

Unsurprisingly, these numerous leaks are quite annoying Apple. Which has decided to remedy the problem. The Apple brand has asked its lawyers to send warning letters to leakers. Who has shared information about the iPhone 13 on the web? This is in any case what says, Kang. One of the most famous informants and listened to in the Apple community.

iPhone leak
iPhone 12

Apple also claims that all the leaks affect the Company – iPhone 13 leak

Indeed, the insider says he received a letter from the legal department of the Cupertino company.

As Kang points out, Apple included in this letter several screenshots of its recent revelations posted on Weibo. Which included potential release dates for the iPhone 13 and some purchase suggestions.

Kang, who also runs a shop dedicated to repairing and selling iPhone accessories. Has announced that he will no longer be posting information about upcoming Apple products. Either in the form of puzzles or in the form of puzzles. more explicit.

The informant had for example unveiled all the models of the iPhone 12 shortly before their presentation. As well as, the integration of the MagSafe charger.

iphone 13
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