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Fifa 21: Create more goal chances with new dynamic attack systems also, the most intelligent FIFA gameplay ever.

FIFA 21 raises players’ intelligence and decision-making to new levels both with and without the ball. They move more realistically, are more intense in one-on-one situations, also, give you a more realistic gaming experience. With greater creativity and control over the entire pitch.

Quick dribbling

In football, one-on-one situations can lead to goal chances that can determine the entire match. With the new system for quick dribbles in FIFA 21, you get more choices when faced with a defender. With fast footwork, you get greater control and responsiveness in one-on-one situations. So that you can more effectively retain the ball and create the surface. Then you can get past the defenders with new tricks such as Bryggen and Vändningsfint with a ball.

Positioning personalities

The ability to be in the right place at the right moment sets the world’s best players apart from the rest. This may, for example, be an important breach or a decisive tackle. The new system for positioning personalities. In FIFA 21 raises players’ football intelligence to the same level as their real role models. This allows world-class players to read the game better, move more intelligently and take more advantageous positions. Good attackers wait with their runs to avoid offside. Skilled game distributors chase space between the team parts and skilled defenders close down passing paths. And also, make it more difficult for the opposing team to create goal chances.

Fifa 21

Creative runs

You get new opportunities to influence your team’s movements without the ball. The offensive build-up game in FIFA 21 is being revolutionized with more ways to cultivate backlines:

Directed runs: Take full control of where your teammates are going to run by quickly angling the right lever in the desired direction after activating a run.

Directed wall games: Immediately after a pass, you can decide in which direction your teammate should run by quickly angling the right lever in the desired direction.

Player lock: During an attack, you can push both joysticks to lock yourself to your current player. You can angle the right lever to shift away from a locked player and control your teammate’s run before calling for the ball back.

Natural Collision Systems

Thanks to new animation systems, player collisions and movements have become more natural across the board. Melee matches in front of goal, in midfield and in the offensive game have more natural results in FIFA 21. Meetings between players who try to reach the ball at the same time become smoother and more realistic than before.

Fifa 21

Competition mode

The competition mode mimics the world’s best FIFA players. Playing styles and makes opponents better at tricking, dribbling, and playing tactically. This makes matches on the Legendary and Ultimate difficulty levels more challenging and rewarding.

The foundation of football

Based on feedback from the community, several basic game mechanical changes have been made throughout the field:

Passes: The passing game becomes more intelligent as the players have a more natural understanding of the pitch surfaces and the opponents’ positioning.

Blockages: When defenders block shots and posts in FIFA 21. The outcomes become more natural thanks to a new blocking system.

Responsiveness: Players react faster and become better at getting out of tricky situations under pressure from opponents.

Manual nods: Take full control of your finishes and passes with your head. With manual nods, you can send the ball exactly where you want it.

Fifa 21


Control every moment in the FIFA 21 career mode with new innovations that increase the depth of the matches. Transfers and training sessions. It will be easier than ever to start your coaching career and you will have more control over your team’s path to the top.

Interactive match simulations

Discover a whole new way to control the outcome of each match – a huge step forward for the interactivity in simulations. You can jump in and out of matches at any time during all 90 minutes. If you want, you can also choose to only take care of important moments such as penalties and free kicks. The choice is yours. Thanks to improved match data, you can control the match. Also, make changes directly in the simulation based on the statistics and your players’ level of performance and endurance.

Fifa 21

Player development

With the new player development system, you can control the development of your players in more detail. You can, for example, retrain right-backs to right-handers, defensive midfielders to midfielders and much more to fill the gaps in the team. You can also keep track of your players’ property changes during training to see how your squad develops.

Active training and match sharpness

Get more insight into your team’s performance with match sharpness. It’s a new feature that affects how likely it is that your players will be able to perform at crucial moments. Increase the sharpness of your players with a new active training system that allows you to create grouped training sessions. This allows you to make your attackers better at managing important goal chances. And make your defenders better at crucial tackles.

Weekly schedule

Plan your team’s training schedule with a new activity management system. You can choose which days of the week should be training days and rest days. This way, you can balance your players’ sharpness, morale and fitness until you find a winning recipe.

Fifa 21

Player feedback system

A new system gives you a visual indication of how ready your players are for the next match. You can easily see your players’ morale, sharpness and fitness at a glance. See which players are in top shape. Who need more training and who may need a day off to regain fitness. You can also see how a player is affected by playing out of position.

Improved computer opponents

Thanks to better AI, computer-controlled opponents play more intelligently both offensively and defensively. New systems allow computer-controlled players to make better decisions when marking, tackling, passing and dribbling. This makes each match in the career mode more varied and challenging.

New recruiting options

The transitions become more realistic with new options for both computer- and human-controlled teams to recruit players. Of course, you can place loan offers with any future transfer fees to secure new talent for your team. You can also respond to computer-controlled coaches’ suggestions for player changes.

Fifa 21

New start options

Also, customize your career mode with new start options. Get a more realistic recruitment experience when negotiating market transitions. You can also get a bigger starting budget by letting your club get new owners.

More league themes

You get a more immersive gaming experience thanks to more specific themes for several of the world’s most popular leagues. And tournaments that are now available in more parts of the career mode. Of course, Everything from the UEFA Champions League to CONMEBOL Libertadores.


More game modes. Greater customization options. More places. Experience the soul of street football with your friends and show off your style. In fact, play various forms of small-scale football on pitches around the world.

Fifa 21


Get a more social street football experience with VOLTA TEAMS. You can play with up to three friends or other VOLTA FOOTBALL players and win together in 5-on-5 matches online. Play with your friends in a new VOLTA hub where you can challenge opponents. Also, climb the rankings and get rewards in weekly events.

Game mechanics

New elements in VOLTA FOOTBALL pave the way for a more realistic and engaging street football experience. Now you can play with the same rhythm as on the street thanks to new tempo adjustments and more intelligent player movements. New tricks and quick dribbles increase the tension in the duels. Also, You can get past defenders in more ways than ever. And new defensive elements such as a new blocking system make one-on-one situations more engaging for defenders as well.


Combine football and fashion – customize your male or female VOLTA AVATAR with new clothes from adidas. Football clubs, street football teams and collections created by celebrities.

Fifa 21


After all, play new SELECTED MATCHES and recruit the world’s top players to your VOLTA TEAM. Meet computer-controlled star players and VOLTA FOOTBALL community troops in SELECTED MATCHES as you collect points and rewards.


VOLTA FOOTBALL contains over 20 unique plans on six continents. In fact, each pitch has a unique atmosphere and gives you a taste of that place’s authentic street football culture. Feel the party atmosphere in central São Paulo. Show off your street football pitch in Milan and play in a high-tech dome in Dubai. You have five new pitches to choose from.

Match types: Play your way. Play various forms of small-scale football including 3 against 3 without a goalkeeper, 4 against 4, 4 against 4 without a goalkeeper, 5 against 5 and professional futsal. Also, you can play matches on pitches in several different sizes – with or without walls.

Fifa 21

Other locations

THE DEBUT: Also, Discover the world of street football in the DEBUT. Go your own way in a narrative introduction to VOLTA FOOTBALL with some of the greatest street football players.

VOLTA KICK: Meet real top teams in different places in VOLTA FOOTBALL and play several forms of street football with or without goalkeepers.


Build your dream team with today’s and yesterday’s world players in new ways in FIFA’s most popular game mode: FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Fifa 21

FUT Cooperation Mode

Also, win together in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Of course, the FUT collaboration mode is a new way to play home rewards with your friends online. Collaborate in both Division Rivals and Squad Battles. Make progress together every week and achieve new collaborative goals with exciting rewards.

Extended club customization

Make your FUT club unique with new. Also, expanded ways to customize your team’s appearance both on and off the field.

Fifa 21

One and the same FUT club

Of course, If you upgrade to the next generation of dual-eligible consoles. Also, you can take your FUT club with you from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. Or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and back again. As well as, the market and ranking lists in FUT 21 work across generational boundaries. If your console does not have a disc reader. You will need to obtain the game digitally in order to upgrade. Terms and conditions apply. More information is available at


Play with unbeatable realism in FIFA 21 with over 17,000 players. More than 700 teams, over 90 arenas and just over 30 leagues. Together, they give you an unbeatable, realistic gaming experience. FIFA 21 is the only game in the world with exclusive access to the world’s biggest football leagues. And tournaments including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, CONMEBOL Sudamericana, Premier League, Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander.

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