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GTA 6 female character rumors are really viral nowadays but we are not sure that Rockstar will really come up with a female lead? here I have a few rumors which are down below.

will GTA 6 come with a female character?

GTA 6 news

The first Grand Theft Auto came out in 1997. So from 1997 to 2020 still GTA gameplay is still the same Missions, Violence, Heists and everything else is the same. Of course, it is a 23 years GTA game and we are still playing with Men’s characters till now. After all, there is a rumor about GTA 6 female character/lead. In fact, GTA 5 featured multiple characters that have different personalities.

Nowadays, there is a rumor that is circulating that Rockstar will be coming in GTA 6 female lead/character. So there will be the first game in the franchise that will be a playable female protagonist.

After all, Rockstar has not confirmed yet but there is a rumor about GTA 6 female character for the Grand Theft Auto 6. After all, the source was anonymous so there is clearly not real proof behind the claims. As well as, keep in mind that Rockstar games maybe have a few other plans for GTA 6. After all, last month there was a leak regarding GTA 6 onto Pastebin. Unfortunately, that post was removed.

will Rockstar comes up in next upcoming Grand Theft Auto game with a female character?

GTA 6 news
GTA 6 news

The Grand Theft Auto Franchise may be set in Miami or the Rockstar version of south Florida but there is a viral rumor about South America, London, Tokyo. After all, it is all rumors so we are not sure about the GTA 6 map or location’s there where this game is going to set its map. According, to an inside source, claims that GTA 6 is referred to at Rockstar as Project Americas.

After all, it is still a rumor that GTA 6 will feature female characters but there’s no real proof about the female protagonists. Of course, the game is 2 or 3 years away or more. but people expect it in 2022.

After all, it might set in Vice City or Miami but there is no real proof about it. As well as, there is a report of Vice City and South America but the previous rumors suggested GTA Tokyo and much more things that you can’t take it seriously. In fact, it is still a rumor that GTA 6 female character is true or false?

What is a character roleplay in GTA 6?


GTA 6 will have a female protagonist? Why it would be a great time to make a female lead for Rockstar?

Of course, Rockstar hasn’t officially announced Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 5 has made so much money. So there are several rumors that GTA 6 will have a female protagonist.

After all, if Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a female protagonist then that is not the first game to have a female lead. Yeah, but it would be the first Rockstar game that will have women star in the main role. The Red Dead Redemption 2 has characters like Sadie Adler. As well as, GTA 5 allows players to create playable female characters in multiplayer modes but GTA 6 would be the first that will have a character as a woman in a story mode.

Rockstar has not commented on this or anything else about GTA 6 rumor. But it is a time that Rockstar Games have to give a female character.

Who will be the Protagonists in GTA 6?

GTA 6 female character
GTA 6 female character

It’s been so long that GTA 5 has released. Grand Theft Auto 6 should star a female protagonist.

In fact, Grand Theft Auto is the most successful video game franchise. There are rumors about GTA 6 that have been circulating that Grand Theft Auto should star a female protagonist.

Of course, Rockstar has never had a female main character. So is that true that Rockstar is really going to take a female leading role?

GTA 6 female lead
GTA 6 female lead

GTA Online allows players to create a female character. In the past few years in several games have characters like Lara Croft, Senua in Hellblade, Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn, and more. So there will be amazing in the Grand Theft Auto franchise that having a strong female lead character.

A Female character will be interesting 🙂 like GTA V has features, three separate protagonists. So next game of Rockstar may have female protagonists. After all, there is a more game that has a Female Character’s so Rockstar can come up with a Female lead.

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It will be truly disappointing to see if Rockstar will come up with Male Characters in GTA 6.

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