GTA 6 Can Take Those 5 Elements From GTA Vice City To Improve Impact

Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6, or Grand Theft Auto 6, has fans on the edge of their seats waiting for its debut. Although the game’s release date hasn’t been confirmed, predictions place it between 2023 and 2024. Although some information about the game was made public by the GTA 6 leaks, we still do not fully understand it. The game appears to have great potential and may end up being among the best in the entire series.

Out of all the GTA games to date, GTA: Vice City has received the most positive reviews. Due to its unique gameplay and several fantastic features and components, it made its debut in 2006 and has remained a fan favourite ever since. GTA 6 can borrow a lot from GTA: Vice City to improve the impact of the game. A couple of the features are as follows:

1. Aesthetic appeal

Vice City’s use of brilliant and eye-catching colours was a big part of what made it so unique. Later GTA games have refrained from adopting a similar graphic style. The city was always lit up with pink and purple neon lights, making it shine more brightly than the other competitors. If GTA 6 is set in Miami, the Vice City’s vivid colours might have one more chance to shine.

2. Indestructible Vehicles

The Admiral in Vice City is essential for anyone who is under constant police monitoring because it can repel any damage. Although GTA often does not provide such effective defence strategies, the presence of even one such vehicle can be helpful in challenging missions.

3. Rival Gangs

Vice City continued a long-standing GTA trend by adding a variety of opposing gangs. These gangs frequently engaged in murderous attempts on the player as well as hostilities with other rival gangs. While some of those confrontations were brought on by missions, others may have merely occurred spontaneously under the right conditions. Rival gangs’ existence demonstrated that the map’s many regions each had their own histories.

4. Impactful Characters

In Vice City, the secondary characters—NPCs, ruthless mafia bosses, envious spouses, and movie parodies—were given a lot of attention. The people you encountered gave the impression that the world was vibrant and truly inhabited. According to GTA 6 leaks, a female protagonist is playable. She will allegedly have experience in technology and hacking, according to several rumours. According to another rumour, this character would be Latina, which would be a big triumph for equality in Vice City’s multiracial environment.

5. Soundtrack

The Vice City game’s soundtrack complemented the game’s overall themes and aesthetics. What the city was supposed to be was wonderfully captured by the music that was playing on the radio. Even though the music on each station was of a different genre, it all shared an 80s vibe at its core. GTA 6 should absolutely pay attention to this element because a strong soundtrack can undeniably elevate the entire experience.

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