GTA 6 might be better by removing the multiple endings.

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If Grand Theft Auto 6 didn’t offer multiple endings like GTA 5, which it did, given that most of them felt hollow and weak, it might be better.

Grand Theft Auto 6 could be improved by following a linear path with no alternate endings, as opposed to Grand Theft Auto 5. Multiple endings can decrease the impact of a tale, especially if they come down to a single choice, as was the case in GTA 5, even if giving players a say in how the story finishes can enhance the experience of many games. There isn’t much information available regarding GTA 6’s plot, so it’s likely that Rockstar will decide to incorporate several endings, which would make the tale seem forced and perhaps less significant.

Although the reality that GTA 5’s missions mostly followed a linear plot, it gave players a choice that led to one of three possible outcomes: either Trevor or Michael died in one of the other two, or they fought their attackers in the third. Even in their coolest moments, though, GTA 5’s endings were weak and hollow, rarely changing players’ opinions of the heroes, and badly constructed because they relied solely on a single crucial decision made by players. Multiple endings in GTA 5 were unsatisfactory and diminished the depth of the narrative; it would have been better without them.


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GTA 6’s Story Could Be More Impactful With Just One Ending


Rockstar might give GTA 6’s multiple endings more importance if they make meaningful storyline changes to the game, but it would be better without them. GTA 5’s largely linear plot rendered its many endings worthless, and a great conclusion to GTA 6 would result in a much stronger narrative. In addition, developers can characterize the game’s protagonist by using user interactions with the environment when following a linear plot, which may have an impact on missions, heists, and other quests. This was done in Red Dead Redemption 2, which enhanced the drama, emotion, and significance of the ending.

GTA 6 would succeed if it had a linear plot.


If GTA 6 follows this approach even if it is completely unnecessary for the tale the game is attempting to portray, it risked making the same error as GTA 5. However, for a franchise like Grand Theft Auto, in which characters achieve their goals with a single major mission, an outstanding and well-established ending could be a better conclusion for their stories. Other games with multiple endings, like Life Is Strange, worked better this way because their stories relied entirely on the player’s choices to be told.

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