Apple Watch Series 6 – The health future is in your hand

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 futures can take an ECG anytime, anywhere. As well as, it measures blood oxygen level with a revolutionary sensor and app. And you can see your fitness metrics at a glance by turn-on Always-on Retina display.

Apple Watch Series 6 on your wrist is more active and more connected to your life.

Apple Watch Series 6
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The ECG app is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. It is an amazing wearable device that can provide critical data for you and for the doctor too.

Electrodes built into the Digital Crown and its back crystal work together with the ECG app that can read your heart’s electrical signal. You can touch the Digital Crown to generate an ECG waveform in 30 seconds. As well as, an ECG app can indicate a sinus rhythm, a serious form of irregular heart rhythm or a heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fabrication. That means your heart is beating normally. You can learn more about the ECG app

Blood Oxygen in Apple Watch 6

A new sensor and app will allow you to read your blood oxygen and background readings night or day. Your blood oxygen level is key to your wellness. It can also help you understand how your body is absorbing oxygen, as well as how much amount of oxygen delivered to your body.

Blood Oxygen Sensor is made up of 4 photodiodes and 4 LED clusters. Its sensor works in concert with the blood oxygen app to determine your blood oxygen level.

Red, Green, and Infrared LED’s shine light onto the blood vessels in your wrist, and photodiodes will measure the amount of light reflected on back. Then its advanced algorithm calculates the color of your blood which indicates the amount of oxygen is present. You can learn how to use the Blood Oxygen app in apple watch series 6

Apple Watch 6
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Sleep well

The sleep app will help you establish a regular bedtime routine and tracking your periods of sleep night after night. So that thing can make you set and achievement of your personal sleep goals. Because sleep is more important for good health.


  • You can also invite your friends to compete in a seven-day activity challenges.
  • As well as, you can also share your activity rings with your family and friends to encourage each other.
  • So you can stay motivated to sit less, move more, and also get some more exercise.
  • It has 70 million songs on Apple Music, Podcasts, and an audiobook so you can listen to whatever motivates you to move more.


Get inspiration to keep moving here and there and track your workout metrics more precisely. If you are in the water, at the gym, or outside on the road.

Apple Watch 6 has a workout that you can choose swimming, running, cycling, or yoga and start measuring your move.

The Always-On Retina Display is 2.5 times brighter outdoor, so if you are exercising in bright sun, definitely you can see your metrics without raising your hand too close or no need to breaking your stride.

The always-on altimeter continuously tracks your elevation changes in real-time, So if you are outdoor or in, running or walking.

Finishes of Apple Watch 6

Red and Blue, aluminum cases join in the colorful lineup. As well as, you can choose materials: Space Black Titanium, Gold Stainless Steel, or a 100% recycled Silver Aluminum.

Solo Loop

A unique seamless band lineup, without a buckle or clasp insight. Which is available in two materials and nine different sizes. As well as, it is tailored to the sizes of your wrist.

  • Solo Loop: Crafted from soft and stretchable silicon rubber, that the Solo Loop is comfortable and lightweight, so it can easily slip off and on.
  • Braided Solo Loop: The Silicone threads are interwoven with over 16,000 recycled polyester yarn filaments to create a brand that is stretchable and textural.

Display of Apple Watch 6

Its Always-On Retina display is significantly brighter outdoor even your hand is down. So, it is easy to see information on your watch without raising your hand too close or to wake up your watch. If you are at school or you are at the gym you just have to look in it without waking up your watch, As well as, If you want to see a Notification Center just swipe down, and for Control Center just need to swipe up.


You can pick a new face, then customize it to match your style or mood, you can create your own faces. Also, you can easily share custom faces to anyone or for anything.

You can capture your images with Lumy, and it will let you track sunsets, sunrises and lighting conditions, and weather too.
You can plan your day and keep organized to stay focused. If you watch with apps like Focus, Action and fantastical and more.
The CARROT Weather will show you detailed forecasts, weather data, barometric pressure, and much more.
Its SolarWatch will show you a visualization of the night and day, as well as, night sky shows you stargazing conditions.

Stay Connected

You can Call and Text from your watch, wherever you are or whoever you are with.
Apple Pay- You can make payments securely from your watch.
Siri- You can get help from Siri by simply asking.
Maps- You can turn on the map and see your location or wherever you want to go by transit, by bike, or by the car.

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