GoPro Hero 9 – World’s most professional camera


GoPro Hero 9 in black has a new front display, 30% more battery life, waterproofing up to 33ft, and a Detachable lens.

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GoPro Hero 9 shoots an amazing 5K video that maintains serious detail, as well as good zooming. It captures a 14.7MP frame and records in 1080p, 1440p, 2.7K, and 4K you will definitely love it.

You can use SuperPhoto to get your shot more deeply and capture sharply and deeply with pro-quality 20MP photos.

Its new front display gives you a live preview for easy selfie framing

The most advanced stabilization that has a hyper smooth 3.0 which is featuring in-camera horizon leveling

As well as, it captures 240 frames per second for an astonishing 8x slow-motion video.

TimeWarp 3.0 also records mesmerizing time lapse and you can tap Speed Ramp to slow the video while recording.

It captures 30 seconds of footage before starting recording, as well as 1.5 seconds after and before your LiveBurst shot too. You can schedule a time to begin the recording. You can select the time to capture the video.

Live webcam or stream is limitless with Hyper Smooth 3.0 video.

GoPro Hero 9: Unboxing and its first look that you will definitely love it.

Max Lens Mod

GoPro Hero 9 has a new Max Lens Mod that delivers an unbreakable Max HyperSmooth stabilization and a maximum super view that you will like it more.

  • A maximum hyper smooth video that is unbreakable and stabilization to 2.7K60.
  • It enhanced perspective and improved depth to the field in Ultra-wide angle 155˚ FOV.
  • When your camera is mounted off-center or rotates a full 360° its horizon lock keeps the video on the vertical axis and horizontal axis.
  • Maximum Timewarp for smoothest Time Warp videos ever.
  • Waterproof up to 5M.
GoPro Hero 9

Display Mod

  • The flip-up screen lets you see yourself as perfect for vloggers.
  • It has a 2-inch flip-up screen
  • You can fold it for easy transport and storage
  • with micro HDMI connector and rechargeable battery

Media Mod

GoPro Hero 9 Designed for live streaming, webcam, or vlogging
Media Mod is not waterproof and is not made for underwater use
You can add an external mic for enhanced audio in a 3.5mm mic port
2 cold-shoe mounts to attach mics, lights, or LCD screens
You can playback footage or monitor by HDMI-out port
It is Built weather-resistant and tough
It Built-in directional mic that reduces ambient noise’s and highlights voice audio
The removable foam mic cover suppresses wind gust 20 m/h/32km/h


Light Mod

GoPro Hero 9 Overdrive mode is 200 lumens
Runtime is 6 hours at Level 1, 2 hours at Level 2 & 1 hour at Level 3
Level1 is 20 lumens
Level 2 is 60 lumens
Level 3 is 125 lumens
CRI is 90+
The color temperature without a diffuser is 5700K
Crisp detail is 200 lumens
Rechargeable battery with 6 hours of runtime
Maximum brightness is 30 seconds with Overdrive mode
4 levels of brightness
Strobe mode for visibility and signaling
Waterproof to 10m/33ft

GoPro Hero9

Top Features of GoPro Hero 9

Video: 5K, 4K
MP: 20MP
Water Proof: 33ft
Hyper smooth: 3.0
Live Streaming: 1080p

What is in the Box?

  • HERO9 Black Camera
  • Camera Case
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB-C Cable
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Thumb Screw
  • Mounting Buckle

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