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top 10 robots
"Pepper" at HSBC Bank in Beverly Hills, California on March 6, 2019. (Photo by Amanda C. Edwards / @acefotopro)

Top 10 robots in the world that are available with its amazing limits and its understanding capabilities that you should have it

Top 10 Robots in the world in 2020. however, there are a lot of robots that are available with its amazing innovation and advanced technology that may help people at home, work, and in the industry too.

Pepper Robot

Pepper is the world’s first humanoid robot such as recognizes the Human emotions and Human faces. As well as, more than 2,000 companies were adopted pepper as an assistant to guide, inform, and welcome visitors in an innovative way.

Youtube – Pepper

Speech recognition, As well as speech dialogue in 15 different languages. Also interact with the person who’s talking to him.

Omnidirectional and autonomous navigation: Pepper has Infrared sensors, 2D and 3D cameras, an inertial unit, bumpers and sonars, Touch sensors, microphones, as well as LED’s.

Valkyrie Robot

After all, NASA Valkyrie is the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. In reality, this robot was constructed by NASA-JSC in 2015 and delivered to Edinburgh in 2016.

Youtube – Valkyrie Robot

As much as Valkyrie is designed to work with astronauts on mars. As well as, Valkyrie has enabled a breakthrough in humanoid control and motion planning.

Asimo Robot

Asimo is a humanoid robot since created in 2000 by Honda. After all, its height is 4 feet 3 inch and weight is 54 kg.

Youtube – Asimo Robot

It has the ability to recognize moving objects, sounds, faces, gestures, as well as postures. As well as, Asimo can detect the movement of the object and also determine distance and direction. Asimo also responds to questions by providing and nodding answers in different languages.

Walker Robot

Walker with Lexy Savvides

Walker has capabilities for facial recognition, human pose estimation, object detection, navigation, as well as target tracking. After all, it can memorization obstacle avoidance and route planning.

Samsung Bot

Samsung Bot

Samsung bot has capabilities to check blood pressure, breathing, as well as heart rate. As well as, alert you to take medicine, tracking user sleeps, video calls for communication.

Atlas Robot

Atlas Robot

The most dynamic humanoid robot that balances to demonstrate the human level. Atlas has the ability to balance like a human when performing tasks like walking, running, or jumping.


Sanbot Robot

In fact, Sanbot has the capability to understand what you are saying. As well as, detect faces, movement, and object around him. it has an amazing sensor that understands who is touching him? for example Human or an obstacle. It has a 10.1-inch tablet that allows imagery as well as video in HD to add more depth to interactions and presentations.

Nao Robots

Nao Robot

Nao is the first robot that is created by Softbank Robotics. After all, it has the capability to speech recognition and 20 languages of dialogue.

Spot Robots

Spot Robot

Especially, The spot is capable to climb stairs, it can go anywhere that others wheeled robots cannot do. developers can program autonomous missions to expand their capabilities.

Paro Therapeutic Robot

Paro Therapeutic Robot

Surely, Paro is an advanced interactive developed by AIST. It is helpful to reduce patient stress and their caregivers, stimulates interaction between caregivers as well as patients, Improving patients to motivate and relax.


Buddy caretaker

Buddy has developed by Blue Frog Robotics that is designed to be used at home. As well as, watch over your home while you are away, and entertain you, children, with games and more activities.


Gita case robot

Surprisingly, Gita has the ability to follows you wherever you go, it has designed to carry your things and follow your movement. After all, It can carry 40 pounds of cargo.


Zenbo Robot

Zenbo is like Buddy, it can interact with people, perform online tasks, monitor security, and it is more health care focused.


Miro with Dr Dave Cameron

Miro has a brain inspired biomimetic operating system and will act like a pet.


Aibo with cute girls

Aibo developed in 1998 and nowadays redeveloped to more advanced than first. It is full of charm and lovable behavior

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Written by Zakariya Daman

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