Electric bike: 4 tips to increase your range

For several years, driven by environmental considerations and by some government aid, cycling has been (re) developing. The coronavirus crisis has further accelerated the trend. And more and more French people are turning to electric bikes. Here are some tips that will be very useful for those who wish to increase the autonomy of their battery.

Swallow the miles without getting too tired. This is the essential advantage of the electric bicycle. All of this, of course, while taking care of the planet. And even still a little of his physical condition. A rise on the horizon? Children to transport? A little painful joints? Nothing will stop you anymore. But to make the most of the possibilities offered by an electric bike, here are some tips to increase its range.

Note above all that the autonomy of an electric bike depends on a number of parameters. The intrinsic capacity of the battery, of course. But also the chosen assistance mode. And we must not forget other parameters almost as important as the weight of the cyclist, the relief, the weather – in particular the wind – or the inflation of the tires.

To increase the range of your electric bike, you can invest in a second battery.  © Halfpoint, Adobe Stock
To increase the range of your electric bike, you can invest in a second battery. © Halfpoint, Adobe Stock

Electric bike vs electric bike

Before discussing the tips that can help increase the range of an electric bike, it is good to remember that an electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) – which stops as soon as you stop pedaling – benefits naturally with a greater autonomy than a conventional electric bicycle. Because it is equipped with an intelligent motor whose power adapts to the way you pedal. While an electric bike battery can travel on average about 40 to 50 kilometers, that of an eBike offers up to more than 150 kilometers of range.

For a battery that lasts longer

It is first recommended that you buy a quality battery with your bike. And check that it has not been stored for several years in the store before being sold to you. Because a battery that is not used deteriorates. So in the same way, once the battery is purchased, it must be used regularly to prevent it from wearing out too quickly. If you plan not to use your electric bike for more than two months – in winter, also remember to protect the battery from the cold – leave the battery about half charged. And still, remember to charge it a little regularly.

As with your smartphone battery, your electric bike battery doesn’t like to stay plugged in once it’s fully charged. She also dislikes charging interruptions.

The battery of an electric bicycle should be treated with the same consideration as that of a smartphone. Normal, the same lithium-ion technology is generally used. © Sergey Ryzhov, Adobe Stock
The battery of an electric bicycle should be treated with the same consideration as that of a smartphone. 
Normal, the same lithium-ion technology is generally used. 
© Sergey Ryzhov, Adobe Stock

Adopt a smooth ride

As it is recommended to save fuel in the car, it is also recommended to adopt flexible driving to optimize the autonomy of your electric bike. A start – this is when the maximum energy is consumed – gently then at the most constant speed possible. By choosing the driving mode that best suits your route. The turbo, for example, should be reserved for climbs and difficult terrain.

By pedaling harder at the right time – after a stop or on climbs – you will also reduce the level of assistance of your bike and thus increase the autonomy of its battery. After all, if you ride a bike, it’s also to stay in shape, right?

And by regularly oiling your chain, your pedaling will be smoother and you will consume less energy.

Avoid anything that slows down the electric bike

The more your electric bike is charged, the more energy it will need to move forward and therefore the less its battery will last. Ditto if you ride with loose clothing that parachutes and slows the pace. Or, of course, if you are riding too steep climbs. Or that your tires are improperly inflated.

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