VPN for utorrent: how to stay anonymous?

When you download, you take risks: risk of being tracked by your ISP, risk of having data hacked, and in particular personal data … This is why the use of a VPN is essential when downloads and especially when using P2P torrents sharing.

Utorrent is a popular BitTorrent client for sharing and downloading large files through a dedicated peer-to-peer protocol.

From a .torrent file downloaded from community websites or online catalogs dedicated to torrenting, Internet users can retrieve all types of multimedia content, games, applications , operating systems , etc. The system is very easy to use and very fast in terms of downloads since its working principle is to download small parts of a file from different sources at the same time. uTorrent finally gathers all the downloaded elements to reconstitute the large file size.

Torrenting and anonymity

But what about your data privacy and anonymity when using this protocol? Indeed, no protection module is offered by the BitTorrent client and your IP address, your location, and your identity are visible on the network.

This is where a VPN, a virtual private network, can come in handy, if not necessary. You just need to connect to one of your VPN provider’s servers, like NordVPN, which will then change your IP address and location and encrypt your data to surf the web anonymously. Your internet provider, hackers, and other tracking programs will no longer be able to monitor your online activity, whatever it is.

Which VPN to choose to download from uTorrent?

To benefit from optimal protection while using the peer-to-peer protocol, your VPN must have a powerful and recent secure encryption system. NordVPN divides, encapsulates, and transmits your data through an encrypted VPN tunnel that no ISP or hacker can intercept.

Using a VPN is known to slow your internet speed. Your VPN must be able to provide sufficient loading speed. NordVPN allows you to use dedicated servers for P2P connections with unlimited bandwidth and quickly connect to the best server with the fewest users.

Double VPN, no logs, Kill Switch option that cuts your internet connection when the VPN connection is interrupted, or advanced online protection on all your devices are all features to discover in NordVPN.

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