How to watch Disney Plus using a VPN?

Particularly popular for watching audiovisual content across borders, Private Virtual Networks (or VPNs) make it possible to relocate the connection in order to access services that are not yet available in France.

If you’re a fan of the Walt Disney Company designs, find out how to bypass geographic restrictions to access the entire catalog using a VPN for Disney Plus .

How to explain the boom of Disney Plus?

In early March, the streaming service reached the 100 million subscriber level, just 18 months after its launch. Available in France since the spring of 2020, the video-on-demand network seems to seduce its audience, in particular with a catalog that is constantly filling up: Disney creations, Marvel films, documentaries, and, more recently, with the Star extension which offers a wide choice of series …

This success is also explained by the closure of cinemas and screening rooms during the Covid-19 pandemic. Forced to stay at home, Disney Plus subscribers had time to discover or rediscover many films. But one of the main disappointments of users is not being able to access all the content offered by this service due to national limitations …

Why does the Disney Plus catalog change depending on the country?

Depending on the country of residence, geographic restrictions prevent users from accessing the entire Disney Plus library. This is in part because of the broadcast licenses. 
Some contracts are strictly reserved for specific countries and are therefore not visible to all subscribers around the world.

Using a VPN for Disney Plus allows, among other things, to locate your connection virtually in another country. Thus, you bypass geo-restrictions and you can discover the American or Australian Disney Plus library, for example.

disney plus
A VPN to discover the Australian or American Disney Plus library. © Cottonbro, Pexels

In addition, certain legal restrictions also impact access to new products. In France, the media chronology defines the exploitation of films after their theatrical release until their arrival on the SVoD platform (which can be translated as ” Video-on-demand service”). Currently, the waiting period is 36 months but, with the use of VPNs, the game cards are redistributed. It is the opportunity to discover exclusives before the general public in a way!

How to access the entire library?

To consult the range of content offered by Disney Plus, the process is relatively simple.

  • First step: subscribe to a free or paid VPN. But keep in mind that the free versions are more restrictive and sometimes less secure… On average, paid VPNs cost € 5 per month.
  • When launching, you will be able to connect to a remote server by choosing its location. This step allows you to change your IP address and make your connection anonymous and untraceable. This practice allows the Disney Plus platform to believe that you live in another country.

Nothing’s easier! For example, by virtually connecting to a server located in the United Kingdom, you will have privileged access to the Disney Plus library. It’s all the more interesting to see films that are not yet available in France such as  Solo: A Star Wars Story which was exclusively reserved for Disney Plus UK users!

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