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How to make your social networks profitable

Your internet profiles can earn you a lot of money. You just have to know how to amortize each ‘post’ posted. Here we tell you.

If you are dying of envy that bloggers rake in exorbitant amounts of money for their posts, it’s time you took action. You don’t need to be like Dulceida or Chiara Ferragni to monetize your social networks. It will be enough for you to know how to get likes or follows. Take note and get ready to fatten up your piggy bank.


Do you want the big badges of fashion and beauty to share their money with you? Well, you are going to need a lot of fans. “You will have to have at least 50,000,” says Paloma Miranda, director of Go Talents, an influencer marketing agency specializing in Instagram. To reach that number, the main thing, according to the expert, is “to maintain an identity, make it clear what you want to convey, be consistent and create quality content.” That’s what the influencer and youtuber Grace Villarreal did, which brings together half a million followers: “I started uploading songs that I liked, very careful, and that I thought could be interesting for people,” he says.

Micro-influencers accounts generate more trust.

But also, you must know your demographic ‘target’; that is, knowing the city and country where your audience lives (firms value this a lot). And that the list grows day by day or at least is maintained. A good option to increase your followers is to locate a page that already has many and publishes topics similar to yours, and connect with them. The next step is to ask the brands you want to attract to include you on their email list and, of course, attend their events. You will have them at your feet if you create content that suits their style and tag them in your posts. “The money comes after investing a lot of personal sacrifice and hours of work,” clarifies Grace Villarreal. And what you win will depend on your negotiating skills.


If you have between 5,000 and 10,000 followers, affiliate marketing is your thing, because micro-influencers’ accounts (yes, you are one of them) generate greater trust and their ‘engagement’ (the degree of interaction and involvement of their followers) is high.

It basically consists of linking your client’s article in your posts and, if someone enters and buys it, you get a percentage of the sale (around 2%). Platforms like Octoly, Brantube or Coobis work in a similar way. “You sign up and then firms like Yves Saint Laurent or Clarins send you their products for you to review; They do not offer remuneration, but if they like your profile, they can sign you as an ambassador. Then, it’s easy for them to offer you paid collaborations », explains Macarena Conde, manager of Octoly .

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“The ‘engagement’ rate is calculated based on the likes and comments of your fans – Macarena Conde says. If you have only 1,000, but your publications get 200 comments, for brands it is a sign that you are nailing it. Those who pay attention to this a lot are online marketing agencies, such as Takumi or Brandnew, where you sign up for a firm’s campaign and they pay you in exchange for uploading a photo with their hashtag. To increase your ‘engagement’, answer all the opinions. The more you interact, the easier it will be for you to appear in the search section of Instagram, the perfect place to progress.


Thanks to pages like , you can upload your photos and sell them. You just have to put the label they tell you (if it is food, for example #foodporn) and they will use it to support their clients’ campaigns. The price is 8 euros and the web is half.

If yours are videos, YouTube gives you the possibility to monetize them (for this they must be sponsored): every time someone watches or clicks them, they will make you add coins (1 euro for every thousand views). Experts believe that a successful channel is one that is constant, has quality and knows how to differentiate itself (lately those of books have been successful). And most importantly, the one that gives the visitor a reason to return. Grace Villarreal knows this well: «In my case, the videos that I like the most are those in which I show my daily life, my routine. Followers love to identify with you, see that you are real and that you do not have a perfect life. Perfection is boring.



“Do not abandon your essence, be constant and keep in mind that excessive advertising – especially if it is not truthful – makes followers lose their attention,” says Daniela C. Rodríguez, from Soy Olivia, an agency for new digital trends.


“Brands and users must be able to access all the content you upload. Therefore, your profile must be public. Nor is it advisable to continually privatize and reopen your account ”, says Paloma Miranda, director of Go Talents.


“It is necessary to maintain a balance in your publications: you cannot disappear for two weeks and then post 20 photos in a row,” insists Miranda. “One or two images a day works well on Instagram, and posting at 9pm is the best option.”


“People usually recognize accounts more from photographs than from names. If you change your profile picture often, you may confuse your followers and they will abandon you, “says the expert on Instagram.

Wrap Up

In Conclusion, You will get money online sitting at home, but my friends are not going to get such money just by sitting. You have to work hard for this. And yes, after a lot of hard work, it will definitely be rewarded. Always remember this thing.

So these are some of the best ways to earn money. In addition, The ways are in front of you and you also have time. If so let’s decide one way or method and do the work that you like. And yes…If you liked this post of our How to make your social networks profitable, then definitely comment and share this post. Furthuremore, if you also have some good ideas of earning money online, then do let us know through a comment. And tell us that which way you liked and easy. Thank You…!!!

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