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The trick to knowing who is online on WhatsApp without opening the application

who is online on WhatsApp

A simple trick that will make you invisible.

At this point in our life, WhatsApp is similar to a spy movie: you pay attention to the time you enter, you monitor who is online, you observe the last access, you control the changes in the profile photos. All the little details that help us understand what our friends are doing, without even starting to chat.

The problem is that they do the same with us, exactly when we open the application. However, there is a way to expose so many and simply observe the affairs of others. It is not a very pleasant thing, but sometimes it can be useful.


You need to download an application called WhatzSeen. Once installed, you can add the number you want to follow and the application will update you in a report on everything the contact does: when they leave, when they come in, when they are online and when they are not.

The good thing is that notifications arrive in real time, just when the entered contact enters or leaves. Maybe you are waiting to write him a message and you don’t want to leave him and then wait, but you want to be sure he is on WhatsApp at the moment. Or, simply take advantage of the fact that they are online to have a conversation without leaving you in read. You will know, what we do know is that it is a tool that is tremendously useful in these times. Of course, it may also be that someone is using it to see if it is precisely you who is online or not.

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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