The trick to record a WhatsApp call without the other noticing


Much better than taking notes.

In various circumstances it may be that a phone call has to be recorded. No, nothing to do with espionage. Just an interview, or an important business exchange full of directions, or just a conversation that you and the person on the other end of the phone want to remember.

There are tricks to record a call on WhatsApp that can be used on both an iPhone and an Android terminal. They will save you a lot of notes and the hassle of having to see the person again to ask for something that you missed.

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For Android users, the easiest way to record a call is to make it and then, from the screen, select the voice recorder that you have built into an application on your phone. Of course, remember to put everything on speakerphone and turn up the volume.


The iPhone, on the other hand, does not allow to activate the recorder at the same time as the call. Here the operation is somewhat more complex and requires you to have a Mac computer. If you connect your phone to the laptop, you can open QuickTime, go to File and select New Audio Recording.

Next, you must select the iPhone, press the record button in QuickTime, make the WhatsApp call with the iPhone, and then press the add user icon, followed by the contact name of the person whose call you want to record. Once it is done, you will have the audio file on your computer.

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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