WhatsApp Tricks Master: Every Smartphone User Must know


Who does not use WhatsApp? If you are reading this post, then it means that you also use WhatsApp; you will hardly know about these Whatsapp tricks; if you know these tips and tricks, then you will become a master of WhatsApp.


Top 10 Whatsapp tricks in 2020

Trick # 1

You are a businessman or a busy man who comes to a relative’s message.You do not have time and you cannot reply. Then you can set auto-reply in WhatsApp, auto WhatsApp to send you a message. A third-party application will have to be installed in your mobile phone. Whose name is (Whats auto reply app) throw this app. You can auto-reply to anyone.

Trick # 2

By the way, I use this whatsapp tricks as well, and this is my favorite out trick. If someone’s message comes to you and your heart does not want the other to know that the blue has ticked. Then for this trick you have to use your mobile phone to airplane Mode will have to be set. After this, you can check and read your WhatsApp message. When you read the message of whatsApp then after that you can close your WhatsApp even with multi-task.

Apart from this, now this trick has become very easy to use. Because now this option has come in WhatsApp’s settings. If you turn it on, then even after reading the message, no one will see the blue tick.

Trick # 3

Many of you ignore this thing, probably you will ignore it too, and many people will not even know about this option, star message. You must have seen the option of a star above in WhatsApp, which works. Bookmarking, for example, If you liked a message, you could bookmark it by clicking on the star.

Trick # 4

This trick is for those people who do a lot of chatting on Whatsapp. If you have a favorite person and you want to chat in some other way, then you can use this trick. You can use your favorite person in bold text and stylish text. You can massage. To use this trick, type in WhatsApp, type the message, select all text, and then bold will option click on it. That way you can send some different messages to your best friend.

Trick # 5

If your favorite person, relative, boyfriend, or girlfriend and want to bring it to the top of contacts, you should first click and hold the name of your favorite person, Relative, boy, girlfriend. Then after that, you should pin it; that is, you will have given the option of a pin at the top; click on it. In this way, you can pin your favorite person.

Trick # 6

If you have been troubled by the group and want to mute your group, you can also mute your WhatsApp group. To mute the group, you can select and press the group of your WhatsApp, then press you above a mute You will get the option, click on it and select the option of one hour, one week, or one year way you can mute your group.

Trick # 7

Many times you must have seen that you go for a walk and your friends are missing from you, then you can use this trick at that time to use this trick, first of all, you go to your WhatsApp’s home and select that contact. For the contact to whom you want to send the current location, click on the message bar, then click on the option of attachment and then click on the location and send it. In this way, your current locution will go with your friends.

Trick # 8

whats app is a secure app, but if you want to make your WhatsApp even more secure, I give you some tips that you can follow; with this, you can make your WhatsApp even more secure. You Update the latest version download then if you want to put your WhatsApp foot face lock, fingerprint. As well as, You first go to the setting, go to the account, get a privacy option, click on it, and After coming down, you will get the option of fingerprint on it. You can lock it with your fingerprint face lock.

Trick # 9

You must have also thought that how can we send a scheduled message in WhatsApp, then I tell you a trick of this today, it is straightforward, for this you will read using third party application, for this play store Go to and type WhatsApp message schedule, you will get many applications, download and open that application, after that you will read the permission of ability, it can read you WhatsApp account you can access on your behalf if third party application If you give permission, then select whats app, select accessibility and turn on permission, after that, you can message your contact and put it on the schedule.

Trick # 10

If you want to use your WhatsApp on your computer or laptop, then you can use this trick. You can use WhatsApp on your laptop or computer, for this you should go to your computer or laptop system. Type Do there, and you will get a QR Code. After that, go to your mobile phone, open WhatsApp then clicks on three dots, and then click on the WhatsApp web then; after that, the QR Code for mobile and pc Connect the two.


I hope you liked this article, and stay with us to read more such articles. Tell us which tip you liked the most and interesting…!

Apart from this, know the new feature of WhatsApp, read this article for more information.

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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