Top 10: smartphones that charge the fastest (May 2021)

Top 10: smartphones that charge the fastest

Thanks to ultra-fast charging, some smartphones manage to recover 100% of their autonomy in record time. Here are our top 10 fastest charging devices. 

Since the end of 2018, some smartphones have been compatible with a technology called “ultra fast charging”. By using chargers much more powerful than before, manufacturers are trying to drastically reduce the charging time of our smartphones.
The most powerful chargers today are those from Oppo (65W), Huawei (66W), and Xiaomi (67W), but brands like Xiaomi and Vivo seem determined to exceed 100W as of this year. 

At the lab, we measure the recharge time of all the devices we receive. To ensure that our results correspond to reality, we charge a smartphone to 100% when it arrives and then we fully discharge its battery. Once it reaches 0%, we plug it into its original charger and use a little software to measure its remaining battery capacity at regular intervals. You will see in this top 10 that Chinese brands are particularly ahead of this technology and occupy all the places in this ranking. 

Important note, this classification only concerns devices still on sale. Some devices like Realme X2 Pro or the Oppo Find X are no longer marketed today and once occupied the top spots. 

Is this technology dangerous?

Before presenting our results to you, it seems important to us to discuss the doubts that some may have on the potential dangerousness of such a technology. While it has been shown that batteries age less well when they heat up a lot, it is still too early to determine the impact of ultra-fast charging on the lifespan of our smartphones. Note also that some manufacturers such as Oppo and Realme use two batteries in their devices to reduce the heating temperature during recharging. By dividing the energy received by two, the smartphone retains normal heat and therefore does not suffer from the high power of its charger (it remains at low voltage). Only time will tell if these solutions are really without impact. 

10. Realme 7 Pro

xiaomi Realme 7 Pro smartphone

The Realme 7 Pro is a mid-range smartphone with Oppo’s 65W ultra-fast charging technology. This device’s 4,500mAh battery can recharge in less than 45 minutes. For the rest, it is a good mid-range smartphone. 

Charging time:  38 minutes | Battery capacity:  4500 mAh (two batteries) |  Charger power: 65W | 5G compatibility:  no | Manufacturer’s price: from € 329 euros |  $ 349.99 USA | ₹ 19,999 india

9. Oppo Reno 4

Oppo Reno 4 smartphones

Less luxurious than the Reno 4 Pro (its screen is not curved), the Reno 4 is still a very good mid-range smartphone. It has the same ultra-fast charging technology as its big brother, which allows it to recharge in 38 minutes.  

Charging time:  38 minutes | Battery capacity:  4020 mAh (two batteries) |  Charger power: 65W | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer’s price:  € 549 euros |    $ 614.72 USA | ₹ 31,990 india

8. Oppo Find X2 Pro

Oppo Find X2 Pro smartphones

Besides being a beautiful device (its back is ceramic or vegan leather, your choice), the Oppo Find X2 Pro is an excellent high-end smartphone. Equipped with a 120 Hz screen, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor, 512 GB of storage and a triple camera module with periscope zoom, the Oppo Find X2 Pro has little to envy other high-end smartphones. range. Its ultra-powerful 65W charger can fully recharge it in just over 36 minutes. 

Charging time:  36 minutes | Battery capacity:  4260 mAh (two batteries) | Charger power:  65W | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer price: € 1199 euros, around € 750 euros since the release of Find X3 Pro | $ 877.77 USA | ₹ 74,890 india

7. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra smartphone

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is a technological gem. Dedicated to those looking for the best in photography (its three sensors break records), this smartphone brings together everything that is best on the market.
On the charging side, Xiaomi hits hard with a 67 W charging that works with wire… and wireless, provided you have a suitable charger. The charger supplied in the box allows you to go from 0 to 100% in 37 minutes. 

Charging time:  37 minutes | Battery capacity:  5000 mAh (two batteries) | Charger power:  67 W | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer price: € 1199 euros |  ‎$ 1,099.00  USA | ₹ 59,999 india

6. Realme X50 Pro

Realme X50 Pro smartphone

5G compatible, the Realme X50 Pro is one of the most affordable high-end smartphones of the latest generation. For 599 euros, it offers you the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, a quadruple camera module with 64 Mpix main sensor and an ultra-fast 65W recharge identical to that of the Oppo Find X2 Pro.
However, Realme’s recharging process is more aggressive than Oppo’s. This is what allows the smartphone to take the top of our ranking. 

Charging time:  35 minutes | Battery capacity:  4200 mAh (two batteries) | Charger power:  65W | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer price:  € 599 euros | $ 510.34 to $ 715.73  USA | ₹30,999 india

5. Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel smartphone

Can we do more unusual than the Legion Phone Duel? In a market where everything looks the same, Lenovo’s new gaming smartphone is nothing  “normal” .
This device is used horizontally, like a Nintendo Switch (with an illuminated pop-up camera), can connect to a keyboard or mouse for gaming, and has an ultra high capacity 5000 mAh battery .
Even more unlikely, Lenovo sells separately a 90 W charger that uses … two USB-C cables. You must therefore connect your smartphone twice to take advantage of the maximum recharge and recover 100% of autonomy in 33 minutes. In the box, we find a charger of 65 W slower than that of the competition (1h10).  

Recharging time:  33 minutes or 1h10 | Battery capacity:  5000 mAh (two batteries) | Charger power:  90W optional, 65W default | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer’s price:  € 999 euros |  ‎$ 569.00  USA | ₹ 39999 India

4. Oppo Find X3 Neo

Oppo Find X3 Neo smartphone

The Oppo Find X3 Neo is a 2021 smartphone with a 2020 processor. Marketed as a high-end device, this device uses the Snapdragon 865 in order to lower prices. Compatible with Oppo’s SuperVOOC 2.0 charger, it recharges in 33  minutes. 

Charging time:  33 minutes | Battery capacity:  4500 mAh (two batteries) | Charger power:  65W | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer’s price:  € 799 euros | ‎ ‎$ 836.99  USA | ₹ 60,700 India

3. Oppo Reno 4 Pro

Oppo Reno 4 Pro smartphone

Very thin (7.6 millimeters) and lighter than most other smartphones (172 grams), the Oppo Reno 4 Pro is an extremely successful smartphone. Equipped with Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 765G processor, this device has two 2000 mAh batteries to support Oppo’s 65 W ultra-fast charging. This allows it to be the smartphone currently on the market that recharges the fastest. 

Charging time:  32 minutes | Battery capacity:  4000 mAh (two batteries) | Charger power:  65W | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer’s price:  € 799 euros |  ‎‎‎$ 490.75 to $508.08  USA | ₹ 34990 India

2. OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone

Equipped with an LTPO OLED display with adaptive refresh rate (1-120 Hz), the OnePlus 9 Pro is a very innovative smartphone. In addition to its compatibility with 65 W wired charging, this smartphone is also the first mobile in the world capable of accepting 50 W wireless charging, which allows it to be recharged in 41 minutes thanks to a dedicated base. 

Charging time:  32 minutes | Battery capacity:  4500 mAh (two batteries) | Charger power:  65W | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer price:  from € 719 euros | $ 1,022.9  USA | ₹ 64 999 India

1. OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9 smartphone

Slower than the OnePlus 9 Pro in terms of   wireless charging (15W, 1h26), the OnePlus 9 manages to overtake its big brother by one  minute  in wired charging. According to our laboratory measurements, it only takes 31 minutes to  go  from 0 to 100%. Impressive!

Charging time:  31  minutes | Battery capacity:  4500 mAh (two batteries) | Charger power:  65W | 5G compatibility:  yes | Manufacturer’s price:  from € 899  euros | $ 729  USA | ₹ 49,999  India

Battery capacity is also important 
In this top 10, we preferred to compare the charging times in absolute terms, which puts devices equipped with a very high capacity battery (the Find X2 Pro and its 4,260 mAh for example) at a disadvantage. 
This choice is motivated by the fact that we believe that the people who will buy these devices want above all to know the time required for full recharge rather than the efficiency of the charge (the time necessary to recover the same battery capacity). 
Note that, in this case, the Xiaomi Mi 10 which recovers 1000 mAh in 12 minutes would beat the Oppo Find X2 Neo in the standings, which takes longer (12.67 minutes) to charge as much energy. 

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